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The Gonzo Lounge>*****The Creed Humphrey Thread*****
Dante84 07:26 PM 04-30-2021
More to come!

Originally Posted by :
Humphrey grew up watching the Sooners and wrestling like his father, Chad, who grappled at the University of Central Oklahoma. The first-team all-state pick at Shawnee High School redshirted in 2017 before taking over the starting center spot in 12 of 14 games played in 2018, when he earned Freshman All-American and honorable mention All-Big 12 honors while helping the front five win the Joe Moore Award as the nation's top offensive line. Humphrey sat out spring 2019 practices due to injury but was ready for the fall, garnering Rimington Trophy finalist, second-team Associated Press All-American and Big 12 Co-Offensive Lineman of the Year accolades as a 14-game starter. The 2020 team captain and 11-game starter was named a third-team AP All-American, Big 12 Offensive Lineman of the Year and first-team all-conference center as a junior. He accepted an invitation to the Senior Bowl. -- by Chad Reuter

Savvy, game-wise center with below-average length, good core strength and a full slate of intangibles desired at that position. Humphrey is praised inside the building for his outstanding leadership and having the recognition to make all the calls up front. He's more of a positional blocker than fork-lifter but has the core strength to neutralize and stalemate blockers at the point of attack. He's not a plus athlete but he's athletic enough as a move blocker, with the ability to work his feet into position to finish blocks after contact. He plays with a nasty streak when needed, which will appeal to offensive line coaches, but his overall profile might be more "steady" than "star." Humphrey is a solid, safe selection and should become a longtime starter.

  • Three-year starter and two-year team captain.
  • Undeniable team leader and tough individual.
  • Wrestling background is evident in core strength.
  • Strong hands help maintain base block.
  • Looks to work hands into position after losing battle early.
  • Swings hips into position to seal the block.
  • Fluid footwork for short-pull game.
  • Finishes blocks with good intensity.
  • Technique to trap and pancake leaning nose.
  • Hands in punch were tighter and more accurate at Senior Bowl.
  • Helps with cleanup when teammates' protection gets leaky.
  • Capable in recovery mode.

  • Very short arms for his size, allowing defenders to get shots into his frame.
  • Longer defenders separate and discard him.
  • Will give some early ground against strong bull rush.
  • Occasional drift against twisting fronts.
  • Susceptible against push-pull specialists.
  • Snap-to-step lateral quickness is average.
  • Doesn't generate noticeable push as a drive blocker at point of attack.
  • Gets a little grabby through contact on the move.

Sources Tell Us
"He was the best offensive lineman on the team when they won the Joe Moore Award (best offensive line in college football) and that line had everybody drafted, which speaks volumes for his ability." -- Southwest area scout for AFC team

Creed Humphrey was drafted with pick 63 of round 2 in the 2021 draft class. He scored a 10 RAS out of a possible 10.00. This ranked 1 out of 496 OC from 1987 to 2021. #RAS #Chiefs

— Kent Lee Platte (@MathBomb) May 1, 2021

The moment Creed Humphrey became a Chief �� @creed_humphrey

— Kansas City Chiefs (@Chiefs) May 1, 2021

tredadda 07:52 PM 04-30-2021
Originally Posted by Beef Supreme:
No KC draft is complete without this .gif, especially when we get a lineman.
TEX 07:53 PM 04-30-2021
Originally Posted by tredadda:
What are his flaws? Seems odd that he lasted this long.
T-Rex arms.
staylor26 07:53 PM 04-30-2021
Originally Posted by MAHOMO 4 LIFE!:
Oh shit. I forgot about this. That’s awesome.
Hammock Parties 07:53 PM 04-30-2021
damn that dude is a huge fucking center


our days of bitch centers is done
Misplaced_Chiefs_Fan 07:53 PM 04-30-2021
Originally Posted by JohnnyV13:
Now imagine if Schwartz gets healthy and Veach re-signs him as well!
Mitch keeps saying on Twitter that he's rehabbing and his intent is to come back and play.

We'll see, but I'm not saying "he ain't" until he does.
IowaHawkeyeChief 07:54 PM 04-30-2021
Originally Posted by tredadda:
Ok. Thanks. This seems like another possible instance where teams passed on talent due to measurables.
He had all the other measureables though, centers are just not valued as much. We got a steal.
Pablo 07:54 PM 04-30-2021
Originally Posted by Chiefspants:
Hes gonna have time to change diapers back there
I didn't know Derek Carr would be back there with him.
louie aguiar 07:55 PM 04-30-2021
Love this pick. Mahomes and Humphrey should be together the next several years.
carcosa 07:56 PM 04-30-2021
Originally Posted by louie aguiar:
Love this pick. Mahomes and Humphrey should be together the next several years.
Several? Heck, it could be many!!!!
MAHOMO 4 LIFE! 07:56 PM 04-30-2021
CEH is gonna feast!!
Jewish Rabbi 07:56 PM 04-30-2021
Hammock Parties 07:56 PM 04-30-2021
Humphrey's dev will be fast-tracked next to Thuney.

I bet he wins the starting job.
Stryker 07:57 PM 04-30-2021
Originally Posted by smithandrew051:
Elite offensive line
Yes! I could not agree more!
carcosa 07:57 PM 04-30-2021
Originally Posted by RunKC:
Feels good to celebrate being a dumb bitch when it pays off like this!!!
IowaHawkeyeChief 07:57 PM 04-30-2021
Originally Posted by MAHOMO 4 LIFE!:
CEH is gonna feast!!

No more 6 man boxes... Mahomes may throw for 60 in a 17 game season this year.
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