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In Memoriam>Good news [Lonewolf Ed]
Lonewolf Ed 04:51 PM 01-24-2015
I thought I'd start a new thread for updates on my cancer treatments and whatever else is going on, since the bad news thread title is misleading now.

My last treatment went better than the previous two and my chest wound is still closed up, which is a good thing. My arm is getting slightly stronger and I hope to resume lifting dumbbells next week. I need to build up my strength again, because I am going back to Denmark in May and I am extremely pumped about that! I'd like to be able to schlepp my own checked bag and not have someone else lifting it for me.

It's going to be a fabulous trip, 6 weeks and a couple of days for me. My brother is going along as well as my friends Chipp and Rod. Chipp is staying close to 3 weeks and has not gone with me over there since 2006 so he is also very pumped to be going. It will be Rod's first trip and he will be there for 2 weeks. I will get to be a tour guide. Also, I am throwing a party in my favorite pub of all, the wonderful, ever-magnificent Irish House in Aalborg on May 7th. The owner and I are friends and he will give me a little discount. We'll have Irish stew and brews in the cellar and I hope to have around 25 family and friends there. I might bill it as the "Fu** Cancer Party." A few months back, I was not sure I'd ever be able to go over to Denmark again or if I'd even be alive, but the cancer hasn't gotten me yet. I'm doing a number on it, instead.

Some other cool things I plan to do when I am back in my ancestral lands include a wine tasting in a castle, touring another castle and the northernmost manor home in the country, and visiting Skagen, the top of Denmark, where you can stand on a little patch of beach and have one foot in one sea and one in another. They also have a brewpub up there I am wanting to check out. I will start and end my trip in Aalborg and spend 5 weeks in an apartment I rent that is very close to the beach. I can hardly wait for May 4th to roll around!
BigRichard 12:03 PM 04-26-2017
Would it be a good or bad thing to get a link to this thread for any loved ones? I know if it was my mom/dad/brother/uncle posting things like this I might want to read some of it. There might be some bad stuff in here too that some might not want them to see but that is why I am asking.
Buck 12:06 PM 04-26-2017
I've never experienced reading someone who was so unfazed by impending death. I'm sure it wasn't easy, but that guy was really good at dying.

BlackHelicopters 12:08 PM 04-26-2017
You will be missed. Send us a note about Heaven's golden streets.
Chromatic 12:30 PM 04-26-2017
Originally Posted by BigRichard:
There might be some bad stuff in here too that some might not want them to see but that is why I am asking.
I wouldn't. He did post a lot about his struggles(especially as the disease progressed) and if I'm one of the family members I might feel a tinge of guilt thinking I didn't do more to help alleviate the suffering.
Chromatic 12:31 PM 04-26-2017
Originally Posted by Fat Elvis:
Congratulations on a life well lived, Ed. And congratulations on finally killing that cancer. Like you said, in the end, you won.

Fucking A right. He fought like a champ and drowned the beast. Fuck cancer.

kccrow 12:32 PM 04-26-2017
Cheers to a life well-lived good sir. I know you will be blessed by God in heaven. :-)
DaFace 12:39 PM 04-26-2017
Originally Posted by Frazod:
Also, could somebody rename the thread? I mean, it's not exactly good news at this point.
I actually don't think we should. It's always been a positive-outlook thread, and I don't see a strong argument that that should be changed (particularly since this thread is destined for the HOC as soon as we run out of things to say).
ExtremeChief 12:39 PM 04-26-2017
RIP Ed. What an amazing journey. You touched so many here with your words. God Bless.

Fuck Cancer.
burt 12:41 PM 04-26-2017
Kinda dusty in here for a man I never met.....
Donger 12:50 PM 04-26-2017
Originally Posted by TimBone:
I'm not sure exactly what to say here, but I figured all of you guys should hear the news.

I'm friends with Lonewolf Ed on Facebook, and just read a post stating that he passed this morning.

RIP, Ed. You have left a heck of an impression on us all.
Godspeed Ed. You are already missed.
Dartgod 12:54 PM 04-26-2017

Rest in peace, Ed. You are now pain free and with your savior. That's GREAT news to me.
cabletech94 12:55 PM 04-26-2017
RIP, sir.
Thank you for your story and time.
JohnnyHammersticks 01:00 PM 04-26-2017
Originally Posted by burt:
Kinda dusty in here for a man I never met.....
Same here.

RIP Ed. Your life lessons will never be forgotten.
New World Order 01:26 PM 04-26-2017
I know some of you know Ed's full name.

Hopefully someone can post his obituary when it's released. I would love to read about his life.
booger 01:28 PM 04-26-2017
Thanks for informing us Timbone

For a person what he's been through and then to be on hospice and still inspriring, advising, sharing so much more until the end...That's just pure righteousness right there. God bless his family and loved ones. The soul of that man is amazing.

May he Rest In Peace
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