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Saccopoo Memorial Draft Forum>I am not a fan of Veach's "tier" approach.
Direckshun 09:02 AM 05-02-2021
The idea that he has players in layered tiers is not new, of course.

But here's the problem with it: in any tier you care to look at, the most valuable positions get drafted first, because of course they should. Quarterback, tackle, wide receiver, passrusher.

The last players to be chosen in any tier are going to be the lowest value players.

Running back. Linebacker. Interior offensive line.

And here we are. That's been the Chiefs last four picks in the 1st and 2nd rounds of the draft.

It's just not a great approach when you're always at the end of the round, which the Chiefs always will be under Reid and Mahomes. You need to be able to be more flexible.

The Chiefs selected a linebacker (which we do desperately need) and a center (which we kinda needed) when there were really good players in a lower tier still on the board.

How much better is Humphrey going to be than Blythe? Really?

Because remember that when we struggle to get a passrush in December, January, and February. Remember that in the Super Bowl when the Bucs run out the exact same coverage that blanketed us the first time and we still don't have a WR2 that can break free of 1 on 1 coverage. Remember that when, god forbid, one of our corners go down with injury in week 7 and we have to watch Rashad Fenton get raked for 8 weeks.

That being said, the Chiefs did get better this weekend. They just could have gotten a lot better this weekend, with how sexy the board looked when they were up to pick.

Pick by pick reviews.

LB Nick Bolton, Missouri -- The Chiefs probably have the best linebacking corps now that they've had in a decade. Hitchens finally seems to understand the system, Gay looked really solid all year and came on until his injury, and Bolton's going to be really good. He's a smart player with limited athleticism, so really a perfect Spags linebacker. But he may be a two-down player, and I see a lot of Kawika Mitchell in him -- neither of those are deserving of the 2nd round pick we spent. C-

C Creed Humphrey, Oklahoma -- I think Humphrey has Pro Bowl upside, and honestly the Chiefs track record on 2nd round centers is stellar with Mitch Morse and Rodney Hudson. I think he's going to be a starter here for 10 years. I'd had preferred other players, but this was a good get. A-

DE Joshua Kaindoh, Florida State -- I really don't like this pick, and only talked myself into it the day of the draft because we are so desperate at the position. Kaindoh has every bit of the size you need, but he just has no feel for the game. This is a Demetrius-Harris-sized project. Harris turned out to be pretty good, but it took us four years to get there. Kaindoh may yield the same returns at a different position. D+

TE Noah Gray, Duke -- I really hope the loss of Anthony Sherman didn't mess with our heads badly enough to take this guy, as the team later was communicating he could be a flex fullback. It's hard for me to get too worked up about Gray, however, one way or the other. I think he's fine, but a poor fit, but the 5th round on was just garbage in terms of options. C+

WR Cornell Powell, Clemson -- The questions with Powell entirely will be between the ears. He is already physically maxed out and is pretty great with the ball in his hands. I imagine he will peak out in a couple seaons as a WR3 in our offense, but if the Chiefs continue to fail to find a really good WR2, he could ascend to a shrug-WR2, someone to play the position non-pathetically until we find the next Sammy Watkins. I think his ceiling is Chris Conley, which is nothing to write home about, but that's a really great get in a draft this garbage. B+

OG Tre Smith, Tennessee -- Home run. No question. This is why you don't burn $80m on a guard, or draft one in the 2nd round. Dorsey made his living finding really good guards late in the draft, and Veach has finally done it himself. Smith will not crack the lineup this year, but he's going to be our starting RG in 2022 -- bank on it. I have no idea how Veach landed this, when it was late in the 6th round and teams were just taking long snappers because there was no talent left on the board. A+
staylor26 11:26 AM Yesterday
Originally Posted by RunKC:
You defend every move the team makes.

Dude no offense but if Adolph Hitler was still alive and hired as a Chief consultant you’d be defending him saying he really wasn’t that bad :-)
There’s your “go to”. Now I’m just a homer.

This team often does what I want/expect them to do.

When they’re taking 3 guys that I had on my list of 1st round targets (thread) early in the process without even having a 1st round pick, of course I’m going to love our draft.

There’s proof all over this section that I was high on Bolton, Humphrey, Powell, Kaindoh, and Smith long before they became Chiefs.

Hell, you even asked me before day 3 who I wanted at edge rusher, and Kaindoh was literally one of the guys I mentioned. So it’s very disingenuous of you to pretend that I’m just being a homer.

I loved Travis Kelce, Chris Jones, Patrick Mahomes, Willie Gay, Mecole Hardman, Juan Thornhill, L’Jarius Sneed, Clyde Edwards-Helaire etc. all before the Chiefs drafted them. I have receipts as well.

It’s not my fault that me and the Chiefs/Veach see eye to eye on prospects often.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the Speaks pick or the 2018 draft as a whole, so it’s not like I just go along with whatever they do. Don’t let the facts get in the way of your narrative though!
staylor26 11:38 AM Yesterday
Originally Posted by staylor26:
Elerson Smith or one of the FSU/ND guys.
Originally Posted by staylor26:
I don’t expect them to take a LB in the 1st either, but it’s still possible considering it’s still one of our biggest needs for the future.

Collins or Bolton just might be BPA.

The Chiefs, under Reid, have a history of drafting for future departures the following year. Remember, even CEH wasn’t supposed to be the starter this year. Replacing Hitchens is a lot on the mental side, so it’s possible that they could want to get ahead of it and draft their guy a year early. That way when Hitchens is gone, you have 2 good young LB’s. You could also play Gay and the rookie a lot more in subs so we don’t have to see Niemann on the field anymore and avoid Hitchens in coverage as much as possible.

Again, I agree that it’s unlikely, but it’s absolutely possible.
But I’m clearly just a homer defending the Bolton/Kaindoh picks because I’ll defend every move they make!
htismaqe 09:46 PM Yesterday
Originally Posted by DaneMcCloud:
I wasn't thrilled with the pick because I would have preferred a CB, S or WR but it's not as if LB wasn't a need. I mean, the Chiefs haven't had a dynamic linebacking corp since when, the 60's?

The combination of Gay, Hitchens and Bolton this season will ensure that a good linebacker is on the field on every down. Bolton's addition will be critical in limiting the ground attack of the opponent and if the Chiefs can get an additional stop or two on 3rd down in each game, it's going to take quite a bit of pressure off of Mahomes and the offense, so they won't feel as if they need to score 45 every game in order to win.
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