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Saccopoo Memorial Draft Forum>Letís talk about the 2022 class
staylor26 09:26 AM 05-04-2021
Haven’t done a deep dive by any means, but it seems like this class will align well with our needs. Looks like another great group of WR’s and the edge rusher class looks significantly better too.


Chris Olave probably won’t be in the Chiefs range, but man would he be a perfect fit for this offense.

Jahan Dotson looks like he has the kind of speed and big playmaking ability that the Chiefs covet.

John Metchie is another guy that would be a good fit. Yet another stud Bama WR.

George Pickens and Treylon Burks look like the best 2 WR’s in the class to me. We’ll see how Pickens recovers from his ACL surgery.


It will be interesting to see if Myjai Sanders can continue to develop and raise his stock. He was a guy I was very intrigued by for 2021 until he announced he was going back to school.

George Karlaftis didn’t have the follow up to 2019 like people expected, but he should get back on track to being a 1st round prospect.

Zach Harrison is another guy that had a bit of a disappointing season, but should light it up next year. Probably plays himself out of our range.

Aidan Hutchinson will be interesting to watch. He wasn’t very productive in 2020, but he’s got great size and he’s still only 20 years old. Definitely has the look of a Spags DE.


I love Kaiir Elam. Great size, athleticism, and ball skills. I think he ends up a top 15 pick for sure and is probably CB2 after Stingley Jr. from LSU.

Derion Kendrick going back to school was probably a good idea. He’s still learning how to play the position and should raise his stock quite a bit after it took a hit in 2020.

Ahmad Gardner needs to put on some weight, but man he’s an intriguing prospect. He’s got great length and he’s a guy that’s been good since day 1. Could be a little grabby, but he does a good job of walking that tight rope and avoiding PI calls from what I’ve seen.
staylor26 08:54 AM 05-05-2021
Why nobody want talk 2022 draft? :-)
Dante84 11:43 AM 05-05-2021
I don't know *anything* about next year's targets (outside of Olave).

I agree, though, I think our needs next offseason will likely be:

1. Edge (Clark may get cut, Kaindoh is unknown, Taco is unknown, Danna would need to rapidly improve)
2. CB (Sneed is a lock, Ward may wash out, Fenton isn't a starter, Baker is an unknown)
3. WR (Tyreek & Powell are locked in, Mecole will be on his final year of his rookie deal)
4. LB (who goes next to Gay & Bolton?)
5. QB (Henne is old, so a long-term backup for Mahomes?)

I'm sure Veach will get busy in FA.
The Franchise 12:11 PM 05-05-2021
I want Kyle Hamilton on this team. It won’t happen though.
kccrow 05:42 PM 05-05-2021
Edge, most interested in seeing how Karlaftis, Harrison, and Jackson (USC) end up coming along. I think Thibodeaux is already out of range pending some huge dropoff. Too bad Sam Williams is an idiot. This really was a much, much better year early for DEs...

CB, I like Elam. Interested in Banks (Ohio State), Kendrick, Green (Texas), Thompson (Tennessee), Bland (Fresno St)

WR, Ross and Olave seem like top 20 locks. Keep an eye for Wilson (Ohio State), Metchie III (Bama), Ali (Kentucky), Roberson Jr (SMU), Hennigan (App St), Adams (Southern Miss).

It's a "bigger" class but I'm not sure it's anywhere near as deep at the positions KC is going to be "in need" of.