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htismaqe 08:08 AM 04-29-2021
So I've run the PFF simulator using the public board, low randomness 25 times, the Draft Network simulator 25 times, and the PFN simulator 25 times.

Based on the value charts of each site, here is what I found.

The only guys that is there every time and is also consistently near the top (if not at the top) of the value chart is Elijah Molden. I'm convinced he will be the pick here.

Toss-up. There's a bit of disagreement in ratings between the different board but overall, here are the high-value guys that are most-often available:
Quinn Meinerz
Payton Turner
Ronnie Perkins
Dyami Brown
EDIT: Forgot to put Elijah Moore here too, he shows up quite often in all 3.

Shit goes off the rails here. If I were to go by the PFF public board (not PFF's ratings), Jamin Davis is a no-brainer. He's the top-rated guy available EVERY time. The problem is that PFN has him as their #20 prospect so he goes in the late FIRST in their mocks. The only consistent pick here is Aaron Banks, OG, Notre Dame.

I gave up at this point. There's really no point since the boards vary so widely.
A name to watch out for though:

Kendrick Green, OL Illinois
The Franchise 08:26 AM 04-29-2021
PFF’s simulator is garbage. If you don’t pick Jamin Davis by the 4th round.....he falls until the 6th.
htismaqe 08:31 AM 04-29-2021
Originally Posted by The Franchise:
PFF’s simulator is garbage. If you don’t pick Jamin Davis by the 4th round.....he falls until the 6th.
To be fair, I wasn't using PFF's ratings at all. I was using the public system, which they say is based on their subscribers input, so it's a much broader cross-section of opinions.
Chris Meck 08:46 AM 04-29-2021
yeah player rankings are so all over the place, it's hard to get a handle on it.

I'm kind of looking at this draft like this-

There are three position groups in which KC can move from 'good' to 'elite'.

O-line is borderline elite with a little luck, but a plus OC would cement it.
D-line needs a DE for 2021, and 2 DE's in 2022 as Clark is probably gone.
WR corps- need a true #2 threat, and could use upside in lower spots.

I think we're okay at CB (especially if they bring back Breeland, which I would imagine they would on another one year deal.) BUT I think it's wise to continue to take at least one every year. We've done really well with mid and late picks here.

I'd love a Sorensen upgrade and there are a few guys that fit that to be had late.

All things considered, I'm sort of thinking that perhaps we should take a DE early, and an upside project late.(Odeyingbo, J. Robinson, Ellerson Smith) Take a WR early, and also a high-upside project late. (Fehoko, Imatorbhebhe, Powell).

And a corner, and an C (probably late). (Trey Hill?)

Throw some numbers at DE and WR and increase the likelihood that we don't have to look at those spots in 2022. So 2 DE's, 2 WR's, an OC, and a CB.