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Chief Northman 12:30 AM 04-29-2021
It’s tough enough to forecast what the Chiefs will do at the best of times, but given that they will not be picking until the late second round makes things even more of a crapshoot. Here’s my best guess as to what I think the Chiefs might do based on the roster as it is currently constructed:

2) 58. Elijah Molden, DB, Washington
- I’ve seen Molden mocked from anywhere between the mid-second round to the mid-3rd round throughout the pre-draft process. Washington has produced some stellar d-backs over the past number of years and teams will love Molden’s instincts, aggressiveness, and intangibles. He will likely be a slot corner at the next level but can also play some safety. While his size may be a concern, his willingness to engage in physical play not. Molden would allow the Chiefs to move Sneed to the outside and bolster an already solid secondary. We all know his pro comparison is Tyrann Mathieu so how could one argue with this pick? Here is hoping to his availability when KC gets on the clock.

2) 63. Rashad Weaver, DE, Pitt
- I feel Weaver is a bit of a forgotten man in this draft build up. I also believe many of the touted edge prospects will already be off the board by this point. While some might see Weaver as a reach at the bottom of the second round, he and Peyton Turner garnered the highest pressure rate per snap in college football last year. He has the requisite length and physical profile desired by Spagnuolo, and he boasts great production in his years at Pitt when he was not injured. While not a twitchy athlete, Weaver uses his length and great technique to be a disciplined edge setter that has great power and enough bend to affect the passer. He is a far more consistent player than his counterpart Patrick Jones II, and projects to be a solid pro.

4) 144. Ihmir Smith-Marsette, Iowa
Brett Veach indicated that he is content with the receiver group right now, and this leads me to believe the team is not pegged to have to draft an “X” receiver like most speculate just because of the departure of Sammy Watkins. While Smith-Marsette doesn’t fit an X receiver profile perfectly, he can definitely play on the outside, but also as a big slot. He has game breaking ability with his speed and has good hands with some high point catch ability. While he is slender of frame, he should be able to hold up and be another speed weapon at the next level. This guy’s stock should be higher but Iowa struggled to get him the ball consistently.

5) 175. Monty Rice, ILB, Georgia
- Rice is a savvy, instinctual, run-and-hit linebacker. He has a knack for making plays on the ball and is a competent Blitzer. While Rice needs to improve his take-on ability, the fact that he can diagnose plays quickly helps him avoid getting caught up in the wash. He will not wow anybody in coverage, but is respectable in his pursuit and effort. He can compete for a rotational spot in the linebacker deployment, but at worst should make a great special-teams player to start.

5) 181. Elijah Mitchell, RB, Louisiana
- Mitchell has had a productive career with the Ragin’ Cajuns, and he is a jack of all trades but master of none. He fits the Veach profile for a running back in his size at 5’11” and 221 pounds. Mitchell is not the shiftiest or most elusive back, but he is a good off tackle runner and can accelerate after making his initial cut and power his way down field. He is Respectable in the passing game but it is not his calling card. He is a decent to good Redzone runner and has enough patience to allow blocks to develop in front of him and has a great mentality of finishing his runs with physicality. One concern with Mitchell is his age, as he is a graduating senior and well into his 23rd year.

6) 207. Tre McKitty, TE, Georgia
- McKitty is a big, athletic target that can hopefully develop into a reliable pass catching option for Reid’s offense opposite of Travis Kelce. While McKitty will need a lot of refinement with route running and blocking, you can see his athleticism on tape and he understands how to use his body to wall off defenders in order to get to reception points. He is a bit of a body catcher, but when he trusts his hands they are generally reliable and he can be a mismatch problem for teams as he has solid athletic measurables in a 6’5” frame.