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kccrow 11:19 PM 05-01-2021
Because fuck posting this in the Lounge

Overall Grade: B+ (80/96 pts)

2-58 | Nick Bolton, LB, Mizzou
Grade: A (24/24 pts)
An absolute bonecrusher of a MLB prospect that plays aggressively downhill, has some range to his game and is adept in coverage. Talked of as a top 40 player snagged in the late 2nd. While it's hard to overlook passing on Terrace Marshall, Jr. and Carlos Basham at this point at arguably bigger positions of need now, Bolton has the look and feel of a stud linebacker in the NFL in the mold of Zach Thomas.

2-63 | Creed Humphrey, OC, Oklahoma
Grade: A (24/24 pts)
Humphrey was the top center in the draft and for me, one of the best overall lineman in the draft. I only had Sewell, Slater, and Vera-Tucker rated as better overall players. Positional value drives centers down, but I fully expected him to be a top 40 guy when all was said and done. Humphrey looks like a bonafide stud in all aspects of the game and a long-time ace in front of Patrick Mahomes.

4-144 | Joshua Kaindoh, DE, Florida State
Grade: D (4/16 pts)
Kaindoh is purely a developmental prospect with outstanding physical traits and this pick this early gives me the sense that Veach wanted a DE much earlier but missed out with the run late in the early 1st. I feel like this is the type of player you look for later into day 3 or as an UDFA. Hopefully, Veach catches lightning in a bottle and Kaindoh is able to put it all together. There were some talents available here that may not have been pressing needs that would have been tremendous values, such as Daviyon Nixon (DT), Shaun Wade (NB), and Jamar Johnson (SS). There were even some other, more productive players at the same position available. We'll see if Veach is right on this one.

5-162 | Noah Gray, TE, Duke
Grade: B+ (10/12 pts)
Gray doesn't scream to me as the type of TE I like or would be excited about but he does have Evan Engram-like potential as a 5th rounder. The real issue is how many snaps he'll actually see as the Chiefs don't tend to run 12-personnel often and they only pass out of it about 50% of the time, which is where Gray has value. I don't have any major issue with the pick, although I thought there were some major Safety values there to be had that went immediately after KC picked, and with Mathieu and Sorensen only under contract for 2021, it's a bit concerning the position wasn't addressed.

5-181 | Cornell Powell, WR, Clemson
Grade: B+ (10/12 pts)
I think in terms of taking a WR this late, Veach took one of the best he could have. Powell shows good potential and an upswing in productivity and is a man of a receiver. I liked Shi Smith and Seth Williams a little better, and they were available, but I think Powell fits well for what KC is looking to replace. My main concern is whether or not Powell will continue to ascend given his inability to crack the lineup early in his career.

6-226 | Trey Smith, OG, Tennessee
Grade: A (8/8 pts)
Smith is an absolute man-beast, road grading, mfer that probably would have been a late 1st or early 2nd round pick if not for the blood clot issue in his lungs. While the Chiefs may be taking a major chance, it's a swing that could hit the ball straight out of the park and solidify KC's interior offensive line for several years.
Chargem 02:47 AM 05-02-2021
Hard to disagree with anything here.

I was expecting a late pick on the defense, maybe adding something to the secondary, but home run swings like with Trey Smith are definitely what you want in the late rounds.

I feel much better about Kaindoh in the 4th than I did about Kpass in the 2nd. Seems like the obvious post draft pick up is now a veteran DE.

I wonder if Veach will be looking to trade away some OL depth in camp to add another player on the defense.
Sfeihc 03:46 AM 05-02-2021

Bolton & Creed look like two contract players who during that time will be elected ream captains.

Kaindoh got better coaching in high school than college, same with Trey Smith. These two look like they have elite traits with a HUGE chip on their shoulders.

Gray looks like he could play right away. He wore 87 at Duke. Film checks out, he isn't TK but their are some similarities.

Powell know special teams are his path but he could find himself in the mix at WR rotation as the season unfolds. X receiver prototype in Big Red's scheme.

6 cheap contracts for the next 4 seasons include Niang in that equation, so make it 7.

Between the draft, trades and free agency Veach and his staff have again shown that this Golden Age of Chiefs football will keep on rolling.
MahomesMagic 05:38 AM 05-02-2021
I was disappointed with the Bolton pick. But Creed Humphrey put a smile on my face.

Thought the Clemson WR was underrated.

Kaindoh is a dice roll on traits.

Love the Trey pick later.

B+ on the picks

A when you include Orlando.
louie aguiar 06:18 AM 05-02-2021
Kaindoh is the most underwhelming pick for me. I wonder if the chiefs would have picked Tyree Gillespie who was grabbed the raiders the pick before.
Couch-Potato 06:23 AM 05-02-2021

Bolton was a great value here at a position of need.

Humphrey is a perfect fit at OC to cap off our new OL.

Kaindoh has great physical traits, but a true Pass Rusher is still a glaring need IMO.

I'm high on Gray, has enough size to be uncomfortable for slot CBs to handle, and the suddenness and route-running that will challenge LBs. Great Redzone target for Mahomes, Andy will get creative with this guy. Pretty sure he'll be better than D Harris was.

If Cornell Powell works his way up the depth chart, congrats to him. But I don't see him really challenging Hardman, D-Rob, or Pringle for snaps, and ideally, we'd still find a vet WR that can fill that #2 role.

Trey Smith was a really nice boom or bust pickup, top pick for me, Starter potential that completely solidifies our OL depth.

Overall we picked up a lot of depth, this Draft was a B- for me, but including Orlando Brown and our OL overhaul and that bumps me to B+. Sign Breeland, and find me either a surprise pass rusher or quality vet @ #2 WR and I'll be happy enough for A range. Veach was in on guys like JuJu & Ingram earlier in the offseason, hoping he's still in the hunt!
htismaqe 07:30 AM 05-02-2021
Solid A for me.

High value picks with 1st round grades in the 2nd round with high floors and immediate starting ability.

I like the Kaindoh pick. Itís all about upside.

And getting both Powell and Trey Smith late looks like a steal.
Otter 10:46 AM 05-02-2021
Love the Humphrey pick as the cherry on top of the cake. Not sexy but it's what we needed. This OL has 90's Cowboy potential and our QB is worth it.
staylor26 10:50 AM 05-02-2021
A for me easily.

Bolton and Humphrey were in my top 40.

Kaindoh was one of my favorite day 3 edge rushers.

Gray was probably my least favorite pick initially because I hadn’t done much homework on him, but even that pick grew on me after watching him some more.

Powell is a perfect fit for a potential Sammy replacement. He’s the type of X that Andy looks for as opposed to the more prototypical X.

Smith in the 6th could be an absolute steal and should be the final piece to our OL puzzle at RG for the future.
MahomesMagic 12:08 PM 05-02-2021
Originally Posted by staylor26:
A for me easily.

Bolton and Humphrey were in my top 40.

Kaindoh was one of my favorite day 3 edge rushers.

Gray was probably my least favorite pick initially because I hadnít done much homework on him, but even that pick grew on me after watching him some more.

Powell is a perfect fit for a potential Sammy replacement. Heís the type of X that Andy looks for as opposed to the more prototypical X.

Smith in the 6th could be an absolute steal and should be the final piece to our OL puzzle at RG for the future.
I hasn't really watched the lower ranked TEs this year. But TE is a position that I can see Andy having input on so I trust it more.
DaneMcCloud 12:23 PM 05-02-2021
I give it a solid B+.

I have to admit, I'm not all that thrilled about the Bolton selection and would have rather seen them take virtually any other position at #58 than linebacker. Other than Bolton, I really like the draft. Creed Humphrey is a such a no-brainer that it's almost silly to even talk about him but I really liked the Kaindoh, Powell and Gray selections, albeit for different reasons.

Kaindhoh has a massive ceiling. With his length and athletic ability, it would be shocking if Spagnuolo and the staff can't quickly mold him into a decent rotational player at the very least. It all comes down to how well he accepts coaching and how much he loves football.

Noah Gray seems like one of those guys that was overlooked because he didn't play at a traditional powerhouse. He doesn't have quite the range and length that many of the high end elite tight ends possess (6'3 vs. 6'6) but he's sneaky athletic, appears to be very smart and has good hands. I think he'll be more of a passing threat than people expect because he's built more like an H-Back than a TE in 2021 but I'm pretty excited about the pick.

Cornell Powell's age is a factor and in a good way, IMO, because he's a 5th year Senior that's nearly 24 years old. While it appears many teams held that against him in their evaluations, that maturity should be an advantage, much like it was an advantage for Michael Danna last year. A lot of people here pushed him off to the side because he was a 5th year senior and taken in the 5th round but he was a solid contributor. If the Chiefs get that (and hopefully, more) from Powell this year, this draft will be an solid 'A' for sure.
[Reply] 12:38 PM 05-02-2021
I’d agree there with Dane

B/B+ for me. Good solid draft with upside and some high floor guys. People overlook it but the chiefs have a pretty stacked roster. There’s just not a whole lot of places to make the team.
duncan_idaho 01:29 PM 05-02-2021
Good calls, crow.

I suspect Iíll like this draft more next season than I do right now, and Iíd give it a solid B+ right now.

As someone who has been mooning over Terrace Marshall, Jr. for months, it was hard to see him get passed up and be Ok with it in the moment. But as the moment faded, the Bolton pick looks better.

If heís a cheap 3-down LB who replaces Anthony Hitchens for 2022 forward while also offering an upgrade in skill/performance (which he does), itís a real HR pick. Positional value be damned.

I love seeing them swinging on upside guys on Day 3. Even Kaindoh has the potential to pay off well above his draft slot. And if he doesnít work out, youíre talking about a depth spot you can fill with cheap FA fairly easily.
kcbubb 04:13 PM 05-02-2021
Kaindoh had a faster 10 yard split than Oweh... 1.58 over 1.59... kaindoh has potential.
Stryker 05:22 PM 05-02-2021
The simple fact that the Chiefs revamped the o-line this offseason and through the draft, makes me give this draft an A. The draft is always going to be a crap shoot - box of chocolates, never know what your going to get. I believe in Veach and I damn sure believe in Reid and Spags. I think we did very well and I am ready for training camp to see even more a glimpse of what we got. Like the other thread about next years draft, I am excited for the future as well.
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