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The Marty Lounge>*****The Nick Bolton Thread*****
Dante84 07:05 PM 04-30-2021
More to come!

Originally Posted by :
Bolton played in all 13 games as a true freshman (22 tackles, one sack) after earning Dallas Morning News first-team all-state honors at Lone Star High School (130 tackles, 16 for loss, five interceptions). He went from promising youngster to SEC star in 2019, earning first-team all-conference honors after leading the league with 8.9 tackles per game (107 total, 7.5 for loss), intercepting two passes and breaking up eight others in 12 starts. He was named second-team Associated Press All-American, first-team All-SEC and a Butkus Award finalist in 2020, leading his defense with 95 tackles and 7.5 tackles for loss (including two sacks), while breaking up five passes in 10 starts. Bolton's father, Carlos, played football at Louisiana Tech. -- by Chad Reuter

When you think about strong, forceful inside linebackers, Bolton is the type of player you might be envisioning. He's going to fall below typical NFL starter standards from a size standpoint, but his rugged frame and forceful demeanor help make up for it. Play recognition and pursuit instincts help carry him to the football and he's a message-sending striker when he gets the runner squared up. He has functional short-area burst between the tackles but will struggle to run down the outside run if he's not close enough to the action. He will need to lean heavier on his instincts to help speed him up because of size and speed limitations. Bolton plays with good field recognition when dropping into zone and has a history of making plays on the football in coverage. He's a three-down linebacker who can make an immediate contribution on special teams and has the potential to become a future starter.
  • Very tough with a physical edge.
  • Plays with demeanor teams look for in the middle.
  • Field-savvy with instincts to diagnose misdirection.
  • Identifies and communicates.
  • Heavy hands with good pop to take on blocks.
  • Pursues ball-carrier with patience and leverage.
  • Fluid alterations to his pursuit angles.
  • Excellent feel for attack timing downhill.
  • Meets runners with violent collisions in the hole.
  • Strikes like he's trying to send a message.
  • Great awareness and ballhawking as spot dropper.
  • Has enough man-cover talent to play on all three downs.
  • Thrived on kick- and punt-cover teams early in his career.
  • Average lateral quickness traps him behind climbing blocks.
  • Inconsistent to strike and separate from blockers.
  • Needs to improve angles to elude box traffic.
  • Might need to take a few more chances as a pro.
  • Top-end speed appears below average.
  • Loses ground when pursuit flows wide.
  • Below-average lateral agility as open-field tackler.
  • Will have to play quicker to deal with NFL slashers.

.@_nickbolton2 gets the call from One Arrowhead Drive ��

— Kansas City Chiefs (@Chiefs) May 1, 2021

MahomesMagic 08:09 PM 04-30-2021
Not excited but we do need cheap lbs.
BigChiefFan 08:10 PM 04-30-2021
I canít believe Bolton fell to us. This kid lights Ďem up.
Kiimosabi 08:10 PM 04-30-2021
Love the center pick but this one

This I do not love.
mac459 08:10 PM 04-30-2021
Originally Posted by staylor26:
Good drag down tackle there
notorious 08:12 PM 04-30-2021
Originally Posted by carcosa:
Not seeing a lot of drag down tackles in his highlights... seems like a hard hitter in fact!!!!
Dude is cleaning up behind the LOS.
PunkinDrublic 08:13 PM 04-30-2021
Originally Posted by TEX:
Undersized and not real fast either. I dont like the pick but the Chiefs have time to coach him up. Im sure they know a lot more than me.
Thatís disturbing to me too. I hope Iím wrong.
Bearcrumb 08:17 PM 04-30-2021
Originally Posted by htismaqe:
He's a natural middle linebacker, he's not going to cover TE's a whole lot at all.

That's kind of silly.
Don't blame me, just throwing that eval out there... pretty sure I like what they're saying overall though

We got an undersized but furious soul, pair him with Gay and we're suddenly dynamic at LB again
tredadda 08:18 PM 04-30-2021
We've needed to upgrade LB and we got one of the best ones we could get where we were drafting. Not a bad pickup at all.
TribalElder 08:19 PM 04-30-2021
that goal line hit on the wildcat bullshit was amazing
tredadda 08:19 PM 04-30-2021
Originally Posted by New World Order:
I feel like we got a Derrick Johnsonish player here
Minus the DJ speed. But overall if he is DJ in every other sense then we got a great one.
ROYC75 08:22 PM 04-30-2021
His speed and weaknesses scare me.
wazu 08:22 PM 04-30-2021
Don’t like it. Would’ve preferred Marshall.
Frazod 08:22 PM 04-30-2021
Originally Posted by staylor26:
Jesus. Dude's dead ancestors felt that hit.
Detoxing 08:22 PM 04-30-2021
Downhill thumper that will take over for Hitchens next season, and will fill in on obvious run downs and goal line situations this season.

I was hoping for a WR like everyone else, but this is a good pick and at a position some of us kinda figured they'd address.
Chiefshrink 08:23 PM 04-30-2021
Instinct is everything at the LB position especially for undersized guys so as to compensate. This kid has great instincts !!!
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