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Kellerfox 03:26 PM 04-27-2021
Stealing this idea from Reddit in an attempt to add some first round intrigue Thursday for us Chiefs fans.

Here are the rules:
  1. Select the least number of players on the Google Form so that you are confident that you have EVERY player who will be actually selected in the first-round on your list. According to the Reddit thread I stole this from, last years winner needed to select 54 names while the closest runner ups were between 55-70. Moral of the story here is don’t be too tight with your picks because inevitably the Raiders will f**k everyone over by drafting a “Damon Arnette” pick. If you don’t get all eventual 32 players selected, you’ve lost.
  2. Among those who get all 32 first rounders correctly on their list, the person with the fewest total names on their list wins. Example: someone who only needed 54 names to identify all first rounders beats someone who needed 65 names.
  3. Tiebreaker (if needed) will be the extending the format into the second round to find the first unique selection. Example: Both players lists included the names of picks #33 they are still tied, but only player B had the name of the #34 selection, then player B wins the game.

Reward = bragging rights

>>> Chiefs Planet Closest to 32 Link Here <<<

I stole the names from the Reddit game to make things simple on me. The Reddit OP claims they are the top 150 names from a consensus board, it doesn’t specify which. There is an “other” option if you feel someone is missing.

Please only submit 1 entry. Entries will be accepted up until the start of the draft. I will share results Friday or Saturday.

Edit: It appears that there are two ways to interpret the rules in OP. See my post from today (4/28) below. I like both ideas! I will identify winners for each group. If you want to play both ways, feel free to make two submissions.
Kellerfox 11:53 AM 04-30-2021
I thought this was a fun and interesting exercise... we should do it again next year with a more clear OP. I will try to follow up later with additional assessment of the most commonly “missed” picks for both groups.

Group 1 Results (submitted 32+ names)

Winner: Kellerfox

I was able to correctly identify all 32 first round picks, but had to put 68 names on my list to do so. Per the rules stolen from Reddit, as the only person with all names correctly identified, I am the winner despite the large list.

Runner Up: Kccrow

Crow got 31 of 32 picks on his list - the only player he missed was DE Payton Turner. Crow’s list only included 48 names, so had Turner been on it, he would have been the winner by a healthy margin (using 20 less names than I did).

#3 ChiefNJ2 - got 28 picks correct with only 36 names on his list
#4 The Franchise - got 28 picks correct with 39 names on his list
#4 Apollo12 - got 28 picks correct with 39 names on his list
#6 Voyager - got 27 picks correct with 37 names on his list
#7 Lurker - got 24 picks correct with 38 names on his list

Group 2 Results (only submitted 32 names)

Winners: 4-way tie between TambaBerry, Wilson8, Voyager#2, and Kellerfox#2

These 4 correctly identified 26 of the 32 first round picks. Voyager and Kellerfox made 2 submissions, one for each interpretation of the rules.

Runner Ups:
#5 Dante84 - 25/32
#5 AJKCFAN - 25/32
#7 Lurker - 24/32
#8 Inmen58 - 22/32
#9 YontsRBake - 21/32
Kellerfox 12:16 PM 04-30-2021
Alright, between the two groups we had 16 total responses. The table below identifies how many times each first round draft pick was included on one of our lists. The most commonly missed players are highlighted.

Most common misses as a group were:

1. DE, Payton Turner - Saints
2. CB, Eric Stokes - Packers
3. OT, Alex Leatherwood - Raiders
4. DE, Joe Tryon - Bucs
5. RB, Travis Etiene - Jaguars
6. LB, Jamin Davis - WFT

Wilson8 01:19 PM 04-30-2021
Thanks for doing this. There were a few tough ones that surprised me.
TambaBerry 01:47 PM 04-30-2021
Yeah very fun thank you for bringing this
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