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stevieray 12:57 PM 04-25-2021
Our good friend Nzoner suffered a heart attack this morning.

This is one helluva guy. Heart the size of Texas.

If you would be so kind , please say a prayer for his recovery.


Originally Posted by stevieray:
Just got off the phone.

He is in great spirits considering what he went through. They had to use the paddles twice and administer CPR (which cracked a rib). Said it feels like he got hit in the chest with a sledgehammer. I was blown away about how calm he is.

They put a stint in and will know more in a couple of days.

Thanks everyone..

Originally Posted by Katie:
Had a nice chat with him. Will go home Tuesday if all remains well. He had a totally blocked artery and has a stint and feeling pretty good considering.

Originally Posted by Nzoner:
First off just let me say I am so happy just to be visiting this place again.I was told they lost me twice but thanks to a great EMT,shock paddles and CPR here I am.Very sore in the chest area especially when I cough,sneeze,laugh etc.

The last thing I remember is being in the back of the ambulance asking where we were at when we barely a mile from my house.The next thing I remember is coming to in a cold room with bright lights and about 20 people hoovering over my naked body(those poor poor souls.)

Let me say I am so humbled by your responses and caring that you all have brought tears to my eyes and in a great way.Your prayers have been heard and appreciated by me and my family more than you will ever know.

I would like to share that I told mrs nzoner I really wanted to get out and go to church today and wow wouldn't you know it the sermon was on Jonah and the whale and how God has a way of getting our attention to get us to focus on what His call on our lives is.We also had a communion service and one of our pastors told me,"when you take this you pray for a complete healing." All I know is a week ago today I was lying in ICU in major pain and doubts and fear galore and today I was able not only to go to church but to see my good friend and fellow CPer Bugeater and even go out to lunch with him.

Anyhow,time for a pain pill and a nap.Thank you all so much again and PLEASE REMEMBER NONE OF US ARE PROMISED TOMORROW.Slow down and enjoy the simple things,look at the beauty of God's creation and in all things give thanks.



007 01:14 PM 04-25-2021
tredadda 01:14 PM 04-25-2021
Praying he ends up alright.
EPodolak 01:14 PM 04-25-2021
Be well Nzoner. All good thoughts your way.
Chief Northman 01:16 PM 04-25-2021
Positive vibes to Nzoner and his family!
T-post Tom 01:17 PM 04-25-2021
Prayers to Nzoner and his family. A true CP classic.
CanadianChief 01:24 PM 04-25-2021
Nzoner is truly a class act dude with a heart of gold. Prayers to him and his family.
cabletech94 01:25 PM 04-25-2021
Thanks for letting us know StevieRay.

Prayers to a safe and speedy return Nzoner.
Coach 01:26 PM 04-25-2021
Damn. Thoughts and good vibes heading his way.
mlyonsd 01:27 PM 04-25-2021
Prayers to you and the family Nzoner.

Feel better soon!
Deberg_1990 01:27 PM 04-25-2021
Prayers sent!
Hammock Parties 01:33 PM 04-25-2021
One of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. Hope he gets better soon.
Raiderhader 01:34 PM 04-25-2021
Fuck. Prayers on the way.
TrebMaxx 01:35 PM 04-25-2021
Get well soon Nzoner. I will be thinking of ya bud.
BDj23 01:36 PM 04-25-2021
Is he the guy with the fireworks stand?
Coogs 01:36 PM 04-25-2021
Don't know him, but have met a lot of you who do. Every one of you guys are quality people. So I assume Nzoner is as well. Consider it done!
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