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Fish 11:11 AM 02-18-2021
New Mortal Kombat movie set to release April 16, 2021. Looks like some cheesy bloody fun...

ThaVirus 06:49 AM 05-04-2021
Scorpion's Revenge was pretty dope. I felt like they gave most of the main characters some shine, which is important in these types of movies.

I think the only thing I have to come to terms with is these newer films centering around Scorpion and Sub-Zero. It's not classic MK, but they are far and away the most popular characters in the series so it makes sense.
ChiefBlueCFC 07:42 AM 05-04-2021
I fucking loved this movie
BWillie 09:22 AM 05-04-2021
Originally Posted by Valiant:
Ryan is too big of a star. He would drown out the others.
There would be some of that. But in this day and age, It may be hard to get Johnny Cage to be a likable character. Reynolds could do that.
Rasputin 10:37 PM 05-05-2021
Finally got to finish watching this and then watched Scorpions Revenge I loved the brutalities. Reminded me of Lawrence Taylor game Blitz:The League

Both movies were fun but I expected more out of Goro.
Red Dawg 09:23 AM 05-06-2021
This movie was bad on an epic scale. Completely fucking horrible.
BWillie 10:10 AM 05-06-2021
Originally Posted by Red Dawg:
This movie was bad on an epic scale. Completely ****ing horrible.
Go fuck yourself and drink antifreeze.

Ok sorry. Had to go full Chiefsplanet there.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I could really see how you would not like this movie if you didn't play the video game, or even see the old MK film.
Wallcrawler 11:52 AM 05-07-2021
Scorpions revenge is epic.

Honestly outside of that, the videogame cinematics make for far better films than any live action attempt theyve made.

I watched the full MK11 movie on youtube, nearly four hours but INFINITELY more interesting than this latest shitpile starring Cole Young.

Ended up purchasing MK 11 Ultimate on sale for 30 bucks with all DLC included. Had not played MK since MK3 disappointed me back in high school.

Really fun game and surprisingly deep for one in the fighting genre. Heard MK 10 had the better story, so probably going to watch that soon as well.
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