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The Marty Lounge>The Motorcycle Discussion Thread
Dayze 11:41 AM 06-07-2013
I figure there are some motorcycle guys/gals on CP, so I thought we could have a place to talk all things Motorcycles.

Tire Mount and Balance Prices (as of 10/29/16)

Prices based on if you remove the wheels yourself and bring the wheels and new tires with you:

Cycle Gear - $35 per wheel if you buy tires from them. $58 per wheel if you buy tires elsewhere
Rawhide - $65 per wheel (assuming it would be the same at other HD dealers. they book it at 1/2 hr per wheel)
C R Cycle Tires (DeSoto) - $30 per wheel

Cheapest I've found my Michelin Commander II's. Seem like they have good prices on other brands too. - Free 3 day shipping on orders over $75
FlaChief58 02:14 PM 06-07-2013
Originally Posted by AphexPhin:
wouldn't even dare try owning one. Go ahead and call me a pussy I dont care. You could easily get killed riding one of those things
People die in cars too :-)
Dayze 02:17 PM 06-07-2013
Possibly. I've always found Twin cyls to be a little finicky if short-shifted / shifted too soon. My Yamaha did it too. Twins produce a lot more torque and the gearing isn't as close as say a 4cyl superbike. In 'general'. The torque lets you chill in whatever gear and the it lets you roll on with enough power. As opposed to a 4cyl where the gears are so close you're constantly shifting to stay in the meat of the power band.

When I test rode the Ducati Monster 696 and 1100 it clanked a bit. Took some getting used to after hopping of the slick gearbox of 600RR. But nothing that couldn't be gotten used to if that makes any sense.
seclark 02:51 PM 06-07-2013
2004 hd fatboy 7k miles

when I was younger I had a Kawasaki's a wonder I wasn't killed on that thing.

I had my hd in the shop to get the oil changed, etc, when a big storm came through town and blew the roof off the place. I went by to check on the bike. guy told me it was still in the shed out back and it was ok, since only a couple pieces of tin blew off that roof. so, they call me a couple days later, saying it was done. picked it up and took it home. last night I went to get on it for a short ride and noticed a chip on the front fender about the size of my fingernail. i'm pissed. don't think there's much sense in calling and bitching since I've had it home a couple days now, but shit...:-)

Fansy the Famous Bard 03:09 PM 06-07-2013

2013 Fat Bob, love it.

The wife has a superlow 883 sportster

Dayze 03:13 PM 06-07-2013

I had a deal at Freedom Cycles with my ZX6R; bought it new; did the first oil change myself etc. Went to unscrew the hex/allen bolts to take the side fairing, and the damned thing cracked all the way across. Like a Wylie Cyote cartoon.

I was PISSSED. I knew it was due to something in handling or assmbly. Freedom Basically told me over the phone to get bent. So I loaded up with the POS fairing, and drove up there on a Saturday around 1pm. Walked into the showroom and was asking sort of loudly "Who can I talk to about this issue I had with my fairing on my brand new bike I bought. I was told there was nothing they could do" etc.

Yeah, I was scooped up quick from Freedom's secret service. Took me into the garage and were blaming a rock chip on it; on the front lip between radiator and wheel. I was like "Look MF, that hole happend as soon as I released the tension from the bolt". Long story short, they told me to piss into the wind.

I filled out the survey card, along with a letter attached, to Kawasaki. Telling them a brand new bike was bought. Their dealer is not accomodating. That I attend multiple track days, ride with guys on bike runs/rides etc. And everyone I meet, I'm going to advise against purchasing Kawasaki if they don't resolve the issue". I also threw in a 'Should've bought a Honda" lol.

2 weeks later Kawasaki said they shipped a new fairing to the dealer; Freedom then tried to tell me that I would have to pay for labor etc. Told them to get ****ed. Kawasaki said they would reimburse the dealer.

Kawasaki was money in dealing with the issue. the issue was 100% on Freedom's cheap/shady ass.

.....after all this..............I lowsided the bike about a week later and totaled it lol. So Freedom was left sitting there with a new Fairing.

By the way don't go to Freedom if you have a choice. I'm sure some have had good experiences but nearly everyone I've ridden with avoids them like the Plague. There's the main dude there, who's name escapes me at the moment, that is a complete asshole. Everyone I know, knows of this guy. Tall dude. When I bought the bike, it was a model leftover by like 1.5 yrs. It was for $7700. He asked 'what'll it take to get you into this"? I said "7K'. He laughed and said the best he could do was $7550. :-). Realize, this was February, drizzly cold, snow. Asshole called back about a month later and asked if I was still interested in the Kawi. I said 'yes'. he asked 'what'll it take to get you into this". I said "$7K'. He 'said oh I can't do that'. That afternoon he asked again, I said 7K and he said "Deal".

Reno's is great. Donnells is good etc.
rockymtnchief 05:22 PM 06-07-2013
Sold my VMAX a few years ago and I'm still kicking myself in the ass for it. I had a gazillion dollars dumped into it, never lost a race on the street with it, it sounded like a NASCAR, and my buddy was running mid 9's with it. It had so much torque that it was easier than hell to ride. Let out the clutch and it would idle you through the intersection. No throttle needed.

There's bikes out there faster and more powerful now, but I don't know if they'd beat my boy light to light or in an 1/8th mile.

This video has a similar bike and it sounds just like mine did. Turn up the volume!!! :-)

R8RFAN 05:23 PM 06-07-2013
A friend's 46 knucklehead
R8RFAN 05:25 PM 06-07-2013

AphexPhin 05:31 PM 06-07-2013
Originally Posted by Flachief58:
People die in cars too :-)
Bikes are CLEARLY more dangerous though. Wake the fuck up. If I had a kid, I would never let him or her EVER get on a motorcycle.
Dayze 05:32 PM 06-07-2013
VMAX FTW. They're so bad ass.
Dayze 05:33 PM 06-07-2013
Troll is obvious. Try harder in a different thread.
2bikemike 05:36 PM 06-07-2013
Originally Posted by AphexPhin:
Bikes are CLEARLY more dangerous though. Wake the **** up. If I had a kid, I would never let him or her EVER get on a motorcycle.
As Jimmy would sing:
Let those winds of time blow over my head
I'd rather die while I'm livin' than live while I'm dead
rockymtnchief 05:38 PM 06-07-2013
Originally Posted by Dayze:
VMAX FTW. They're so bad ass.
Yeah, I've thought hard about building another one up, but with two daughters, a CDL to maintain and a good job, I might have to get something a little less likely to get me in trouble. :-)

hometeam 06:07 PM 06-07-2013
Right now I am still packing my trusty old 07 ZZR600. Have owned/ridden tons of bikes, including the last one I loved a ton, an 08 zx6r with about ten grand in suspension components on the bike.

For about 5 years riding was my life. I even created a motorcycle forum years ago and then sold out of it and made a nice payday.
BigBeauford 06:42 PM 06-07-2013
Going to take a motorcycle class soon. I have been eyeing the Star Motorcycles Bolt. Any thoughts?
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