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gblowfish 08:05 PM 04-05-2020
With all the shelter at home stuff, thought I'd start a fun thread to help get our minds on better times. I am not a professional or high level amateur photographer, but I have taken some cool pictures over the years. If you've taken pictures that you're proud of, how bout posting a couple,and explaining what they are?

I'll Start:

St. Louis July 2003. I was staying downtown in that beer can shaped hotel by the arch. I got a call around midnight that my mom was taken to ICU in Arkansas, and was in bad shape. I got up at dawn as the sun was rising over the Mississippi river. I took this picture looking east. Went to the chapel in the center and said a prayer for my parents. Mom got out of ICU 66 days later.

Alley Springs, MO: From around 2002, near Eminence,MO.

Hotel Bothwell, Sedalia,MO. Shot at sundown in downtown Sedalia.

Desoto Sign, Carthage, MO. On a trip to Arkansas, took the scenic route 2018.

Missouri Hwy 13 Bridge, Lexington, MO: Looking north during the flood of 1993.
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eDave 12:28 AM 10-14-2021
My great grandparents, John and Mattie Johnson.

eDave 03:30 AM 12-22-2021
Mini Stack and downtown Phoenix tonight. Long exposure. This is coming north and going west.

2bikemike 07:17 AM 12-22-2021
This badass was outside my window staring me down!
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