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Saccopoo Memorial Draft Forum>So, we should sign another WR, right? [Edit: RIGHT!!?!]
Direckshun 02:27 PM 05-02-2024
It's being reported at this time that Rice is expected to be suspended half the season or more.

If that's what's up, the good news is: he'll be good to go for December/January.

The bad news is, here's the WR depth chart:

Marquise Brown
Xavier Worthy
Justin Watson
Skyy Moore
Kadarious Toney
Justyn Ross
Nikko Remigio
Cornell Powell

Available WRs:

Hunter Renfrow
Allen Robinson
Odell Beckham, Jr.
Tyler Boyd
Michael Thomas
Marquez Valdes-Scantling
Russell Gage
Zay Jones
DJ Chark
Jamal Agnew
Mecole Hardman
Jakeem Grant
Randall Cobb
Marquise Goodwin
Chase Claypool
Deandre Carter
Sterling Shepard
Richie James
Jalen Guyton
Scotty Miller
Laquon Treadwell
Byron Pringle
and some others

ThrobProng 02:29 PM 05-02-2024
The WR corps is already better than it was at any point since Hill was traded, even without Rice.

BTW, I'd be stunned if he was suspended for 8 games or more.
Megatron96 02:52 PM 05-02-2024
8 games seems like a lot. But who knows?

Playing the hypothetical, would've been nice to get Boyd. Solid veteran that could've been a good mentor for our young WRs. But since he's gone . . . OBJ or Michael Thomas? Heard that OBJ was doing a good job mentoring the young WRs in BAL last season, so that'd be good to have. Feel like MT could provide a similar service. OBJ may have more left in the tank than MT though. Thomas hasn't looked like himself for a couple years now.
ntexascardfan 03:23 PM 05-02-2024
Imagine being suspended for 8 games for this when Deshaun Watson got 11 for forcing 30+ women finger his butthole.
Sassy Squatch 03:54 PM 05-02-2024
MVS should be signed regardless as long as Moore is still rostered to replace him.
Bump 04:03 PM 05-02-2024
Originally Posted by ntexascardfan:
Imagine being suspended for 8 games for this when Deshaun Watson got 11 for forcing 30+ women finger his butthole.
I know right, I guess it would have been better for him (regarding the NFL suspension) if he were a violent piece of shit like Kamara
Nightfyre 06:04 PM 05-02-2024
So Michael Thomas or Zay Jones? Just thinking about guys who can flex outside or in the slot and who can win in the intermediate levels.
kccrow 07:58 PM 05-03-2024
I'd most like to see Tyler Boyd or Zay Jones on a 1-year deal to play the big slot with outside flex ability while Rice is suspended and to provide quality veteran depth.
kozzman555 09:09 PM 05-03-2024
I'd like to see Hunter Renfrow take a cheap deal and replace Skyy Moore
gordonelloyd 10:31 PM 05-03-2024
I would like to see Hunter Renfrew as well. A couple years ago when he was given the chance he really played well.

And I agree with the poster above, no matter how things shake out with rice, our WR room is going to be better than it was last year.
Chargem 03:36 AM 05-04-2024
I don't think they will sign another receiver, but I do think it would be sensible to get another 1 year deal done with someone.

I think they will continue to give Moore, Watson, Toney more snaps than CP would. They could also be running a lot more 12 and 13 personnel with 4 TEs on the roster.
RunKC 08:31 AM 05-04-2024
They need a guy with size that can like up outside full time. MVS is the easiest choice here.

And yes MVS at $3 million as a complimentary player is much better than MVS making $10+ million as WR1.
bigjosh 08:36 AM 05-04-2024
Id make a run at zay jones for a one year low money deal

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Couch-Potato 08:46 AM 05-04-2024
Renfrow or Boyd would be nice.
duncan_idaho 09:14 AM 05-04-2024
Zay Jones is the only guy in FA I'd have much interest on a cheap deal. Has to be someone who isn't going to get his panties in a bunch when his role is reduced in the second half of the season.

I also don't really believe the suspension will actually be 8 games, or that it will happen in 2024.
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