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Fantasy/CasinoPlanet>New CP Fantasy League 2 - Auction Draft
Kellerfox 09:25 AM 07-21-2021
I’m electing to keep the other new league more casual, and thus sticking with a standard snake draft. However, there appeared to be enough potential interest in an auction style draft that we can form a second league.

First come first serve on the sign up. I welcome anyone whose in the first/standard league to sign up for this one as well. I Also welcome anyone who isn’t signed up for the standard league to play in this one.

Auction draft vets or noobies welcome - intended to be fun and full of smack talk.


1. Kellerfox
2. Kccrow
3. Tyecopeland
4. Dunerdr
5. Chiefashhole1056 (please confirm interest/willingness to manage a second team)
6. Open/available
7. Open/available
8. Open/available
9. Open/available
10. Open/available
11. Open/available
12. Open/available
tyecopeland 12:30 PM 07-21-2021
Yeah I'm in for both.
Dunerdr 08:13 PM 07-21-2021
Let's fucking go!