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The Lounge>***Official 2020-21 Missouri Tigers Basketball Thread***
comochiefsfan 10:08 PM 12-02-2020
Apologies if someone else already started this, but thought I would get the conversation going if not.

Hell of a win tonight. Pinson is a stud. Tilmon looks to have finally learned how to defend without fouling.

Definitely a promising start to the season. 2-0 and looks like this has a chance to be the best team of the Cuonzo era up to this point.
DJ's left nut 03:51 PM 01-13-2022
Originally Posted by Superturtle:
Why even bother? No one gives a shit about Mizzou basketball. Just leave him to die and fore him at the end to save the $$$
People do give a shit.

I mean it was only 4 years ago that the Tigers were a solid basketball team and Mizzou Arena was damn busy. That wasn't even a great team (since Porter never actually played for them), but it was a good, solid, entertaining team.

I remember going to the Kentucky game with my old man - place was absolutely full and it was loud.

That wasn't a 30 win squad. I think it won like 21 or 22 games. It wasn't great, it just wasn't actively bad. And yes, the fans turned out for that squad.

But this team can't shoot, its defense is erratic, it can't pass. It does seem to rebound fairly well but that's about the only thing they do well. It's a bad basketball team that plays an extremely uninteresting style and there's no reason to believe, based on past results, that Cuonzo is going to make any of them better or suddenly create a more entertaining product.

People want to give a shit about Mizzou basketball - they just have no reason to at all.
BryanBusby 05:27 PM 01-13-2022
Originally Posted by mac459:
If they did fire him it must have been really bad. I think if they fire him after season it will be $2 million less to get rid of him. I hope he is gone but wouldn’t be surprised if they wait to save that money
Not much to salvage by doing it today. He's super fucking gone when the season is finished.
Titty Meat 09:13 PM 01-25-2022
Upset alert
petegz28 09:15 PM 01-25-2022
Originally Posted by Titty Meat:
Upset alert
KC_Connection 09:33 PM 01-25-2022
Cuonzo Martin not even having his defense pressure Auburn with only a 5 second differential on the clock down 1 point in a college game is absurdly dumb.
HonestChieffan 09:45 PM 01-25-2022
Martin is pure shit.

Mizzou needs to concentrate on football or basketball

No way they get respect in both

Not a player in either
BWillie 10:30 PM 01-25-2022
Lol Cuanzo not fouling down one with 35 seconds left
Chiefspants 10:34 PM 01-25-2022
Martin coaching like he wants Mizzou to take on his buyout. Just ****house coaching all around to end it.
PackerinMo 10:38 PM 01-25-2022
Originally Posted by Chiefspants:
Martin coaching like he wants Mizzou to take on his buyout. Jeeesh.
Hey Martin told us himself this off-season, “He doesn’t care about wins or losses.”
dlphg9 11:05 PM 01-25-2022
What a god damn idiot. Why not foul?
gblowfish 09:35 AM 01-26-2022
I'm not going to watch any Mizzou basketball until they get a new coach. It's just not worth my time.
DJ's left nut 09:39 AM 01-26-2022
Originally Posted by KC_Connection:
Cuonzo Martin not even having his defense pressure Auburn with only a 5 second differential on the clock down 1 point in a college game is absurdly dumb.
Yeah - when a coach purports to pride himself on his teams defense and toughness, then they just stand back and let the opponent run 30 seconds off the clock, it tells me that he just doesn't have a plan at all.

If you're a guy building a gritty, 'win in the trenches' sort of basketball team, you're up on those guys from the inbounds and pressuring them on every pass. Worst case scenario is a foul that gets you the ball back down 3.

You just can't hang back there. The guy just isn't a very good coach.
Mizzou_8541 11:33 PM 02-26-2022
Originally Posted by duncan_idaho:
Mizzou basketball has been a joyless slog for the following reasons:

1) Mike Alden hired Quin Snyder instead of Bill Self in 1999
2) After replacing Kim with a good coach and losing said good coach to Arkansas, Alden NEARLY landed Matt Painter and then panicked when he didn't and jumped straight to Plan Q - a guy he knew would say yes.
3) Because of Haith's NCAA issues, Alden refused to extend him and he jumped to a mid-major.
4) Because of 1, 2, and 3, Alden had no power left, and was forced to hire an unqualified disaster because of old fools, their nostalgia, and their lack of understanding of the current college basketball landscape
5) After Alden finally left, the shit sandwich of (4) led Sterk to panic when negotiating the contract with a very mediocre coach and make it nearly impossible to move on from him for simply making an NCAA tournament.

The last truly enjoyable season was a decade ago.

If Mizzou stops fucking things up, college basketball becomes enjoyable again.


I don't understand why this is so hard. I was all in on Gregg Marshall in 2007 (when they hired Mike Anderson) and was a big Brad Underwood fan when they hired Kim Anderson.

If I can identify those guys, how the fuck can the ADs/search committees NOT?
This is a really good post. I was going to bump this to make fun of their 20 point loss tonight, but this is by better reading and a shitty reminder of the shitty situation Sterk put us in.
Jerm 03:03 AM 02-27-2022
Just fire this clown and throw what ever at Sean Miller….

Spare me the moral argument too…you wanna win in today’s CBB landscape? Hire a guy like that, done with the true sons and clean, cookie cutter golly gee shucks coaches.
gblowfish 11:32 AM 02-27-2022
Yeah, I've given up on Mizzou basketball. I've been watching Kansas State because my wife likes them. K-State beat the piss out of Mizzou at the Sprint Center when Kim Anderson was the coach. That really pissed me off, things have just gotten worse since then.
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