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The Lounge>More trouble for Kareem Hunt??
NIUhuskies 03:01 AM 01-24-2020

Will be interesting to see if this is true or not...

Looks like the early rumor is that he got pulled over with weed. Nothing big, but he’s on thin ice already obviously
BWillie 05:24 AM 01-24-2020
We'll take him back.
Eleazar 06:40 AM 01-24-2020
It would be fitting if he watched us play in the Super Bowl from jail
notorious 06:41 AM 01-24-2020
Fuck him. Idiot had the entire world at his knees and he pissed it all away.
tyecopeland 07:20 AM 01-24-2020
Not real.
TomBarndtsTwin 07:21 AM 01-24-2020
I like Kareem, but boy has he wasted an opportunity and a potential great career for himself. He could have been part of an all world offense here, set records and won championships. Instead, he’s out there being an idiot.

DW, while not near the big time threat Kareem was, has been decent, keeps his nose clean and always seems to step up big when it matters most (the post season) and we’re paying him peanuts compared to what we would have had to pay Kareem by now. So I guess it worked out okay for us.

His loss.
DTVietnam 07:47 AM 01-24-2020

Relax people and do your research before you make silly dumb comments!!! Our Kareem Hunt was NOT arrested. #BROWNS

— Anthony Mattix (@Antmattix) January 24, 2020

If this is what the Kareem Hunt Rocky River traffic stop rumors are about, the incident happened in 2018 and unless he's secretly 49 years old, it wasn't him. #Browns

— Camryn Justice (@camijustice) January 24, 2020

PAChiefsGuy 08:03 AM 01-24-2020
Lol at some of you here. You clearly want to see Kareem get in trouble because Chiefs released him. Truly pathetic.
dlphg9 08:08 AM 01-24-2020
Ya'll are obsessed
Jeff.Fisher 08:10 AM 01-24-2020
I once had a player throw his shoulder pads into the stands after a game
SuperBowl4 10:42 AM 01-24-2020
Originally Posted by notorious:
**** him. Idiot had the entire world at his knees and he pissed it all away.
kicked it all away
wazu 10:44 AM 01-24-2020
Posting Incarcerated Bob tweets should be a nuthookable offense.
ShowtimeSBMVP 10:55 AM 01-24-2020

Kareem Hunt cited for speeding, not cited for marijuana found in car

— ProFootballTalk (@ProFootballTalk) January 24, 2020

KCChiefsFan88 10:58 AM 01-24-2020
Even if he wasn't arrested, how stupid do you have to be to put yourself in this questionable situation after the shit you went through to resume your NFL career.

Keep the weed and smoke it in the privacy/comforts of your own home, JFC.

rabblerouser 10:59 AM 01-24-2020
Originally Posted by Showtime:
He's still gonna get suspended.

Roger don't play dat.
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