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duncan_idaho 12:45 PM 11-23-2021
Got a mock? Pop it in this thread. Include a picture if you want. Explain your reasoning if you want. Talk about your crushes... if you want.

See a good "pro" mock? Link it up in here and I'll add it to the OP.

Duncan's latest mock

The Draft Network This mock seems to be the most accurate site right now, so I go with this one. I don't pay for it, so no trades here. The plan is for this to be my last mock. I'm going to do it differently, though. I'm running 3 scenarios, and eschewing the 7th round picks, which I would use on a big swings on athleticism and potential. Lotto tickets. James Houston IV is one of them. Note: I used PFF to simulate the trade action, then manually backed up in the 2 "trade" drafts to make selections. Laborious, but gives you best of both worlds, IMO. I think PFF's trade tool is the best, but its board is whack.

Draft slot: 29

Scenario 1: The Chiefs sit pat with their picks and don't make any moves at all. Seems the least likely, but hey...
1.29 | George Karlaftis, DE, Purdue.
1.30 | Boye Mafe, DE, Minnesota.
2.50 | George Pickens, WR, Georgia.
2.62 | Travis Jones, DT, UConn.
3.94 | Zyon McCollum, CB, Sam Houston State.
3.103(Comp for Poles) | Troy Andersen, LB, Montana State.
4.121 | Coby Bryant, CB, Cincinnati.
4.135 | Velus Jones, Jr., Tennessee

Scenario 1 Debrief:
So, sitting and waiting to see what comes to me was pretty successful here. The Chiefs FLOOD the defensive line with reinforcements, including at least 1 ready-made starter and two guys who should - at minimum - be in 50/50 rotations at their spots by year end. The Chiefs still get a big outside WR with tantalizing potential. They add some crazy athletic small-school guys, and a mid-round corner who just fits in the system, and a dynamo return man who might be more at WR.

This looks pretty good. Though I have a hard time believing Karlaftis just falls to 29...

Scenario 2: The Chiefs get aggressive and trade up. But for what? In this case, let's go wide receiver. In this run, Kansas City trades picks 29, 62, and a 2023 3rd to Houston for pick 13 and a 2023 4th, because they ARE as obsessed with a WR as people expect and are aggressive to go get him when the board falls right. They then trade BACK from 30 to 35 with the Jets, also including pick 94 in order to get 69 back. Then, last but not least, KC gets aggressive one more time and moves 103 and 121 for 85 from New England, leaving the Chiefs with 6 picks in the first four rounds.
1.13 | Jameson Williams, WR, Alabama.
2.35 | Cam Thomas, DE, San Diego State.
2.50 | Jalen Pitre, S, Baylor.
3.69 | Zachary Carter, DT, Florida.
3.85 | Sam Williams, DE, Ole Miss.
4.135 | Jaylen Watson, CB, Washington State

Scenario 2 Debrief:
I'm not saying KC should do this or even that I think they will (more on that in a few minutes). I'm just saying, man, what will it look like if the Chiefs get aggressive a few times AND are doing the big move for a WR? In this scenario, KC obviously believes Williams is a game-changer at the NFL level and is taking a small 2022 hit to make 2023+ better. The defensive line still gets reinforced, but the reinforcements are all a shade worse than the sit-pat draft option. If you like Kingsley Enagbare or Josh PAscal more than Thomas, I get it and wouldn't quibble at one of those guys instead. Logan Hall, too. Pitre is such a screaming perfect fit for KC's D. Carter is a great physical talent you can dream about coaching up. Williams' utility is known and gives them a true RE option to pair against their higher-drafted bigger guy. Watson is a developmental corner.

I don't love it. I think Pitre makes the secondary a lot better and makes it easier to move on from Thornhill after 22. They have improved the defensive rotation, though one of the DEs would need to outperform expectations in Year 1 to get it to the same level as Scenario 1. In all, giving up the 2 extra selections in the top 4 rounds hurts the depth you can build, but I think it's more like what KC will do.

Scenario 3: Same movements as #2
1.13 | Jermaine Johnson II, DE, Florida State.
2.35 | Christian Watson, WR, North Dakota State.
2.50 | Sam Williams, DE, Ole Miss.
3.69 | Bryan Cook, S, Cincinnati.
3.85 | Martin Emerson, CB, Miss. State.
4.135 | Braxton Jones, T, Southern Utah

Scenario 3 Debrief:
This is the type of situation where I see KC paying the price to move up... if Johnson falls this far, I'd be shocked if KC isn't aggressively moving up. With this run, I take a risky but high upside WR in Watson (but you could sub in Pickens or Jahan Dotson or Tolbert or Metchie or Skyy Moore or really any of those tier 2 guys here if you prefer). The secondary reinforcements aren't flashy but are good fits.

In this one, I think the plan has to become adding either another safety or corner in free agency before the season. Ideally, it's someone who can handle the slot and let Sneed thriver on the outside. The DL gets a major boost and some potential star power in Johnson and Williams, and the OL gets another T option and potential long-term starter to develop.

Having completed the exercise and looking at the scenariors, I like the first one the most. But it really does come down to how the board breaks.

Older mocks

The Franchise 12:11 PM 03-11-2022
62. Sam Williams, EDGE Mississippi
100. Rasheed Walker, OT Penn State
103. Troy Andersen, LB Montana State
107. Dominique Robinson, EDGE Miami-Oh
134. Smoke Monday, S Auburn
137. Kyle Philips, WR UCLA
231. Chris Steele, CB USC
241. Tycen Anderson, S Toledo
249. Kevin Austin, WR Notre Dame
260. Chris Paul, OG Tulsa

You might be saying to yourself.....Franchise....where's your first round pick? I traded it to the Panthers for their 4th and a 1st round pick next year just to see how bad the draft would end up.
DJ's left nut 12:16 PM 03-11-2022
Originally Posted by CatfishBob2:
With all this talk of a free agent WR and Josh Gordon resigning where do they fit? I mean you have to expect an expanded role for Gordon
Gordonís deal has no guarantees.

Bottom line is he DOESNT fit if Beach gets what he wants in the off-season. Heíll be a camp cut.
The Franchise 03:01 PM 03-11-2022
30. Devonte Wyatt, DT, Georgia
Traded #62 and #103 to the Raiders for #53 and #165
53. Arnold Ebiketie, DE, Penn State
94. Bernhard Raimann, OT, Central Michigan
134. Leo Chenal, LB, Wisconsin
165. Zyon McCollum, CB, Sam Houston St.
190. Pierre Strong Jr., RB, South Dakota State
231. Velus Jones Jr., WR, Tennessee
241. Tycen Anderson, S, Toledo
249. Chris Steele, CB, USC
260. Kevin Austin, WR, Notre Dame
staylor26 03:01 PM 03-11-2022
The Franchise 03:05 PM 03-11-2022
You've got a couple of guys there that will more than likely go higher than that in Austin, Anderson, Jones Jr and Strong Jr.

But that shit is tough to guess at this point.

Defense definitely gets stronger though with some FA signings added in and although I drafted two WRs late....Jones Jr can contribute in the slot and the return game while Austin hammers out a spot at the back end of the roster for this year.
kcbubb 08:45 PM 03-11-2022
Good video here of Jermaine Johnson, Wyatt, Sam Williams and others
Dante84 11:00 AM 03-12-2022
Did a quick four rounder (traded back 2 spots in the first and got an extra pick) and was really happy:

32. Brisker
62. Metchie
94. Nik Bonitto, Edge, OU
97. Rachaad White, RB, ASU
103. Troy Andersen, LB, Montana State
107. Zyon McCollom, CB, Sam Houston State
Discuss Thrower 11:07 AM 03-12-2022
Let's goooo


DJ's left nut 01:23 PM 03-12-2022
So if those 15 players, do half of them make the team?

I mean at a point you’ve gotta consider roster spots and the fact that maybe burning nearly 1/3 of your roster spots on roomies who are mostly backups and special teamers is maybe not a great idea for a team looking to contend.
kccrow 04:11 PM 03-12-2022
Originally Posted by TambaBerry:
so, with almost every mock having us take Hill does that mean we absolutely won't?
I don't think he's there. I can't see New England passing if he's there at 21.
kccrow 04:17 PM 03-12-2022
Originally Posted by kcbubb:
Good video here of Jermaine Johnson, Wyatt, Sam Williams and others
Zach Carter has grown on me a bit as a potential 4-3 strong-side end.
GloucesterChief 04:58 PM 03-12-2022
Originally Posted by kccrow:
Zach Carter has grown on me a bit as a potential 4-3 strong-side end.
He has versatility that Spags likes. Can slide inside on passing downs as he played DT in college.
kcbubb 11:18 PM 03-12-2022
Originally Posted by CatfishBob2:

Isaiah Weston
WR Northern Iowa

Keaontay Ingram
I really like these two guys. Lots of potential for late round picks.
Bowser 02:35 PM 03-13-2022
Originally Posted by Discuss Thrower:
Let's goooo



ntexascardfan 11:25 AM 03-14-2022
30: Kaiir Elam; CB - Florida
62: Cameron Thomas; DE - San Diego St
94: Kellen Deisch; T - Arizona
132: Zion McCollum; CB - Sam Houston St
192: Tyquan Thornton; WR - Baylor
229: Dominique Robinson; DE - Miami (OH)
238: Keontay Ingram; RB - USC
239: Nick Ford; OG - Utah
247: Daniel Bellinger; TE - San Diego State
254: Sam Webb; CB - Missouri Western

I worked hard to find athletes with every pick. I probably took Zion too high, but I figured his speed and size was a fair gamble.

I assumed we sign a WR in free agency, so I didn't spend any of our top picks on one. However, I wanted to find a guy later in the draft with speed to fill in depth.

I don't think Domonique Robinson will be there in the 7th, but might as well dream.

Nick Ford is an athletic guard who could develop

Bellinger is a reasonably quick TE with good hands

Sam Webb feels like the late round local guy we always take.
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