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The Meltdown Lounge>*****The Patrick Mahomes Thread*****
Dante84 07:19 PM 04-27-2017


Because of all the interest in this thread, I've place all of the video content of Patrick Mahomes II's college career, and draft day goodness into a single post that can be found here. Enjoy!
crayzkirk 06:04 AM Today
If there's anything that the talking heads in the media love to do more than build someone up, it's tear them down.
Red Dawg 07:37 AM Today
I am back baby!
Red Dawg 07:40 AM Today
Originally Posted by DTVietnam:
I still believe in this man. . hes playing really bad and he knows it. .

but still happy he's our QB1 for the next 10 plus years. . . we're ggoin to need to close to run the table to make the playoffs, but we still have the same players we had in both Superbowls and have actually improved in some areas. .

The other losses this year were not nearly as embarrassing as this..big wake up call. . think they will come in serious and mad

Mahomes is going to take this team on his back and get it done

It starts this week with a long week of practice . .destroy the Giants and shock the Packers. .

I absolutely believe in Mahomes and everybody should but part of the problem is he has to put the team on his back year after year. Run the damn ball and build him a defense and he will do the rest. That's what keeps elite QB's healthy and rested and not hit.
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