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View Poll Results: Vonnie Holiday or Frank Clark?
Vonnie Holiday 12 41.38%
Frank Clark 4 13.79%
Death 2 6.90%
Death by X-Factor 11 37.93%
Voters: 29. You may not vote on this poll
The Meltdown Lounge>Vonnie Holiday or Frank Clark?
TLO 04:38 PM 10-13-2021
Choose one and only one.

Assume you're getting Vonnie Holiday in his, em, "prime"

You get the current version of Frank Clark
Bugeater 04:38 PM 10-13-2021
Crank Flark
TLO 04:43 PM 10-13-2021
I remember Vonnie Holiday having 3 sacks against the Chargers on opening day on in like 2004 or something.

That being said, I chose death by X-Factor.
KChiefs1 06:46 PM 10-13-2021

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TLO 07:07 PM 10-13-2021
Originally Posted by KChiefs1:

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Uzi rider
Flying High D 04:33 AM 10-14-2021
Useless rider
Imon Yourside 05:33 AM 10-14-2021
Crank Flark!
493rd 05:38 AM 10-14-2021
Neither, Tyson Jackson
JudasRising20 11:03 AM 10-14-2021
Vaughn Booker thread is next?
smithandrew051 11:06 AM 10-14-2021
R-Kal Truluck (RIP)
Rain Man 01:47 PM 10-14-2021
Before I pick, is Frank armed or not?