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Dunit35 01:17 PM 12-19-2018
I know there are already several threads but Im adding to it.

Our DTV bill is about to go up $60 a month to $133. Were looking at cutting cable. Wed like to add Hulu live TV, netflix, and MLB.TV. I know I can stream all three through my Xbox. It looks like I wont have AMC, NFL Network or NBC. NFL Network I can stream the Thursday night games through my xbox.

How is the quality? We have to upgrade our internet to unlimited for an extra $20/month. Provider said wed also get faster speeds.
Does anyone have MLB.Tv and use it through your Xbox?
What about DVR services?

It looks like I can get all three for around $64 a month.
The Franchise 06:11 PM 04-14-2019
Originally Posted by DaFace:
While I try not to suggest "alternate methods" for the most part, as I prefer to keep things legit as much as possible...

Reddit NFL streams work great.

(Or if you're in the local market, I've actually had no problems with Hulu for Broncos games here in Denver, and I've heard good things about YouTube as well.)
I used Reddit NFL streams for the entire season last year and really only had an issue with two of the games. And it wasnt the entire game either...only about a quarter of each game.
ChiefsCountry 06:16 PM 04-14-2019
Originally Posted by Fish:
What do you mean? It's the same Fox4, KCTV5, KSHB, KMBC9 channels that are on KC cable or OTA. If you are in a different viewing area, you will see the local channels for that area. Depends on location.
That is what I was meant. It's getting the actual locals, just not the national feed from the networks.

If that's the case I might look into YouTubeTV some more.
Easy 6 05:04 PM 04-16-2019
Originally Posted by GloryDayz:
I've got "cable" (Google Fiber), and they're not technically savvy enough (yet) to offer PiP...

I guess they can't fit it into a Gig.. :-)

Not unlike being able to selectively block certain MAC addresses that appear on the fiber side!!! Their great answer = "change the SSID, thus blocking everybody, then you'll know." :-) But hey, add a non-GF WAP to the home and connect it TO YOUR NETWORK BOX, and they can sense THAT, and tell users connected to that WAP that they're not on their home network (when the 1000% are)...

But alas, it's Google...
I have absolutely no idea what you just said there, lol

Such a tech dinosaur, I am
Al Bundy 06:55 PM 04-19-2019
BTW UVers cut NFL network with no notice.
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