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The Lounge>Is the Saints 2 QB offense the future?
RunKC 05:36 PM 04-27-2020
Very interesting pod today from our guy Terez Paylor. He mentioned specifically that everything he heard has banked on the 2 QB system being used and will be the next big thing. Terez even went as far as to say that football today could be viewed like the 80ís in 10 years with this type of new innovation that will create tons of new packages for offenses.

He actually makes it sound like every team will be getting one in the near future like the Eagles just did with Jalen Hurts.

The premise here is having that extra QB to be your Taysom Hill and put tons of stress on defenses by having him be a runner and efficient passer.

Sounds pretty interesting, but I would like the ball to be in Mr. Mahomes caring hands. I do admit I would love for Andy to put a few package plays in our playbook with John Lovett running this type of stuff.

Not a consistent thing obviously. But Iíd love to see Andy trying it out
Halfcan 08:04 PM 04-27-2020
Saints should have 4 QB's - that would really trick the defense. They would not know who would be throwing.
Pasta Giant Meatball 08:13 PM 04-27-2020
Lulz...Debergodante thread
dlphg9 08:13 PM 04-27-2020
Originally Posted by Ubeja Vontell:
Stick this guy in the slot at Mami, give him 6-8 might pass plays a game meaning the D is thinking....pass?

It could work there just not with us.

55% comp% last season, so....???
After you blow 6 guys consecutively and swallow their load, do you pee or poop out cum?
ForeverIowan 04-27-2020, 08:15 PM
This message has been deleted by ForeverIowan. Reason: No reason
dlphg9 08:17 PM 04-27-2020
Oh I got a tricky play. Put the defense in on offense. They wouldn't know what hit them.
Pasta Giant Meatball 08:22 PM 04-27-2020
If you have to resort to bullshit like this you aren't winning a championship.
Ubeja Vontell 08:53 PM 04-27-2020
Originally Posted by dlphg9:
After you blow 6 guys consecutively and swallow their load, do you pee or poop out cum?
Talking about a guy tailor made to pull off what this thread is talking about brings that, why?

Stay on topic son.
Pitt Gorilla 09:17 PM 04-27-2020
Originally Posted by MightyMouse:
Sometimes people just overthink things. Itís fun for coordinators to come up with new things so they love the idea but realistically itís pretty stupid.
-if you have a MVP QB why take the ball out of his hands? Iíll take Mahomes every play please.
-not enough talented people like this for it to be some catchy trend.
- what has Hill ever gotten the Saints? They have Brees. They canít with out sprinkling in a little Hill? Did Hill lead them to some super bowl Iím not aware of? 10mil a year for some gadget plays and he can play some special teams, great!

He seriously is the most overrated player I can remember.
You didn't approve of Kelce running the wildcat or the direct snap to Williams?
Chief Pagan 09:32 PM 04-27-2020
Originally Posted by Wisconsin_Chief:

However, for the Chiefs this is not something that would be of any use or consideration. It would be like going for a drive in your uncleís 1988 Buick Skylark while you have a Ď69 Mustang Boss 429 sitting in your own garage.
And if the roads are really icy and there are a bunch of idiots on the road...

I'll take my chances with my Uncle's POS sedan.
big nasty kcnut 10:59 PM 04-27-2020
Fish 12:06 AM 04-28-2020
Not applicable when you have a Mahomes.
Bugeater 12:12 AM 04-28-2020
Mahomes_Is_God 12:44 AM 04-28-2020
Originally Posted by RunKC:
John Lovett is a much bigger, faster player than Jalen Hurts. Heís also been here learning the offense for a year.

I think people are taking this out of hand. Iíd like to have Lovett be our do-it-all player. Short yardage, screens like Sherman, soe TE routes and 3-5 plays in the playbook of him throwing a pass with Mahomes on the field.

Keep in mind that Lovett would only throw a pass every once in awhile on a trick play forcing teams to respect the fact that he can pass and run at the same time. All it takes is one pass.

Iím not advocating for us to run the 2 QB package where the ball is out of Mahomes hands a lot of the time. I think it is fascinating that the Eagles and Saints are doing this though.
They're only doing it because their starters are unreliable. Brees is old as fuck/declining and Wentz is just a broke dick. Any team with an elite starter (like us and the Seahawks) have zero use for this lame shit.
ChiefBlueCFC 08:29 AM 04-28-2020
Has the 2 QB system ever worked? I don't recall anyone winning anything of importance while splitting playing time between 2 QBs. And you can't say Philly because they were playing Wentz, then he got hurt. It wasn't like they were splitting time between Wentz and Foles.
Don Corlemahomes 08:38 AM 04-28-2020
Takes a lot of nerve posting this on this board when we have Pat fucking Mahomes.
KCChiefsFan88 08:46 AM 04-28-2020
Also the Saints initially acquired Taysom Hill as an undrafted free agent... the Eagles used a freaking second round draft pick on Hurts.

Doesn't seem worth a second round pick for a situational/gadget player.
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