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pr_capone 01:04 AM 10-22-2006
I know there are some animal lovers here.

Lets see whatcha got.

From left to right:

Suzy (Chow Mix)- 1.5 yrs old
Mandi (Long Haired Miniature Dachshund) - 13 years old
Angie (Dapple Haired Miniature Dachshunds) - 4 years old

Angie is the one that rides the motorcycle with me.
KCUnited 01:40 PM 11-21-2020
Originally Posted by eDave:
She did indeed get cat clawed and formed an abscess. It broke open yesterday spewing puss all over her face. But she is back to her normal self now, for the most part. Looks nasty. My poor baby. :-)

Glad to hear she's getting back to normal. Cats are badasses like that.

We have a city lot with a gnarly alley behind us. Cats back there don't fuck around. Saw a cat fight yesterday on my neighbors deck. They were knocking furniture over going at it. I was in awe and sad at the same time.
lewdog 03:50 PM 11-21-2020
Get better eDave's cat. That looks gnarly.

Our black cat passed last year at only 7 years unexpectedly. We got a new cat at the end of last year and he's the most gentle thing with the 2 year old who literally tackles and squeezes him. He just lets it happen and absolutely adores his little friend.

Our son will sit next to him on a chair and look at us saying "Look at these guys!"
gblowfish 05:27 PM 11-21-2020
My new kitty family is starting to warm up to the Hoomans. They all came in to nap out and watch the KSU-ISU game with me today. Cold and rainy outside, warm and toasty by the TV in the bedroom. Mama Tina is the Tortie, Otis is the fuzzy black kitten and Tony the Orange Tabby.
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