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alpha_omega 04:07 PM 11-20-2020
Ya, this probably doesn't warrant a thread, but it seemed like the kind of story we would all get a chuckle out of.

KCK police say man found with meth shot himself after crashing motorcycle and gets hit by car

The Kansas City Kansas Police Department said a man suffered critical injures after a tragic crash on his motorcycle Thursday in the area of 12th Street and Kansas Avenue.

KCK police said on Twitter Friday morning they were called to the scene after reports of an injury crash in the area.

After investigating, police said they found a man had been racing his motorcycle when he lost control and wrecked. Police said when he hit the ground, a gun that he had in the waistband of his pants fired and struck him in the hip.

Police said the man was also then struck by another vehicle. The driver fled the scene.

Police said the motorcyclist was transported to a hospital with critical but non-life-threatening injuries.

Upon further investigation, police discovered the man was also a felon. When searching his motorcycle, police said they also found a large bag of suspected methamphetamine.
KCUnited 04:26 PM 11-20-2020
What is my last Pornhub search?
TLO 04:27 PM 11-20-2020
What is a typical Saturday night for eDave?
Kman34 05:11 PM 11-20-2020
Thought this was a DeBerg thread at first glance of the title...
Easy 6 05:32 PM 11-20-2020
Originally Posted by KCUnited:
What is my last Pornhub search?
Titty Meat 05:37 PM 11-20-2020
Sounds like my asshole
Peter Gibbons 05:41 PM 11-20-2020
I’ll take “College Girlfriends” for $200, Alex.
Hog's Gone Fishin 06:17 PM 11-20-2020
loochy 09:22 AM 11-21-2020
Your mom