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Baby Lee 08:33 AM 02-09-2019
The show is back, and the first episode of the new season is free online

Baby Lee 09:49 AM 02-09-2019
Season trailer

Excited for the Beach Boys parody.
stumppy 08:56 PM 02-10-2019
I'm gonna have to check this out.
Baby Lee 09:13 PM 02-10-2019
Originally Posted by stumppy:
I'm gonna have to check this out.
There's already a couple seasons out [in addition to this free preview].

They're uniformly pretty good. Some more surreal. Some more humorous.

Each does a pretty good job of capturing the feel of the documentary it is 'parodying'
Cave Johnson 09:44 PM 02-10-2019
The Thin Blue Line episode is amazeballs.
Otter 01:58 AM 02-12-2019
That was pretty crazy.

Who knew Michael Keaton was FBI and Owen Wilson was a cult leader?

Thanks for heads up!