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Saccopoo Memorial Draft Forum>We gotta talk about this UDFA class.
Direckshun 11:47 AM 05-13-2020
The amount of skill and potential from this UDFA class the Chiefs secures is as good as any I’ve ever seen for any team. It’s possible we land three starters from this group, and end up with up to seven guys that contribute regularly over the next three years.

How the hell did Veach do this?

Give us your thoughts on individual players from the UDFA class. Veach needs to knock it out of the park like this every year.
DJ's left nut 10:43 AM 05-20-2020
Originally Posted by DaneMcCloud:
I'm personally fine with piecemeal on the IOL. Andy's proven time and time again that late rounders and UDFA's who have a particular skillset can be molded into solid players for this offense.

That's what killed me when so many forum members were all screaming for an IOL in the first round of the 2020 draft: "We need a guard or a center or both! Gotta protect the MVP!". I found that not only to be wrong but absurd. The best running back in the draft is going to make much bigger difference - a very tangible difference - than the best center or guard.

The Chiefs just won a Super Bowl with a 7th round center, a 6th round guard, half a dozen starters at LG and a Cam Erving at LT for 8 games.

I think Andy's got a handle on this offensive line thing, despite the fact that most Chiefs fans think that the offensive line excellence is the only way to win.
Just a reminder, though - every game they lost was with Cam Erving at LT.

Just because you did a thing doesn't mean that's the way you should be trying to do it. I know that wasn't your major point, but it tiptoes close to saying "well if we can do it with Erving at LT, how important is LT?"

Massively so. And that's why I think Fisher gets shit on too often. We don't even TRY to run Wasp with him out there. We can cut corners here and there on the IOL but we can't do that out wide.
DaneMcCloud 11:06 AM 05-20-2020
Originally Posted by DJ's left nut:
Just a reminder, though - every game they lost was with Cam Erving at LT.
I was just pointing at that they were able to win with a Cam Erving - who's awful and certainly far from ideal.

I think the idea of investing heavily in tackles while grooming late rounders on the interior has been a proven method for Andy and the Chiefs and I see no reason to change that philosophy, regardless of whether or not the "MVP" is behind center.

Now, maybe, if the team is so absolutely loaded in 2022 or 2023 that they decide to go with a center or guard with their first pick - okay, that's reasonable. But when there are far better athletes that can make an immediate and lasting contribution to the team?

I just can't go there.

Originally Posted by DJ's left nut:
And that's why I think Fisher gets shit on too often. We don't even TRY to run Wasp with him out there. We can cut corners here and there on the IOL but we can't do that out wide.
Yeah, I never understood all of the Fisher hate and defended him early and often. I don't think he gets enough respect now, even after witnessing the horrible play of Erving last season. If he stays relatively healthy, I think Fisher plays for another 4 or 5 years, which will probably coincide with the departure of many of the other players from this Super Bowl era.

It'll be interesting to see how they rebuild the team for Pat's "Prime" years.
kccrow 07:44 PM 05-20-2020
First off, it's rare under Reid/Veach that UDFAs make the 53-man (now 55) roster right out of training camp. Most that make it spend some time on the practice squad. That said, I think this year's crop has potential. Here's my analysis and guess for guys that will make it straight up and that I think have PS potential. And either way, rookies that are 3rd rounders or lower rarely see the field under Reid.

WR Kalija Lipscomb, Vanderbilt - Has a solid shot of making this roster and is a carbon copy of Demarcus Robinson in my opinion. With all the receivers heading out the door next year, getting another on the cheap this year would be extremely beneficial. I think Lipscomb makes the 55.

OT Yasir Durant, Missouri - I think he absolutely makes the team in some capacity, but when I say that I include the practice squad. I think you stash him on the PS this year and let him develop as a guard.

C Darryl Williams, Mississippi State - He has the attitude but he's a bit shorter and lacks the athleticism of a traditional Reid center. I don't think he makes the roster but might stick on the PS for a bit.

CB Lavert Hill, Michigan - Hill has some ball skills but he's not athletic enough. He can't tackle real well or I'd maybe project him to safety. I'd say no.

P Tommy Townsend, Florida - The guy I was hoping KC would find a way to snag and thought he'd be the pick when KC moved into the 7th round. He's the new MVP imo.

WR Cody White, Michigan State - If he were faster, he would have been drafted. I really like his size, his hands, and his ability to find open spots in zone. He's a fringe guy but I'm not so sure he sticks. Out.

LB Omari Cobb, Marshall - I'll give any LB a 51% chance to make this team given the lack of quality. That said, Cobb is high-cut, has very average NFL LB speed, is an effective but unorthodox tackler with little pop, and is undersized. So, I lean towards a probably not. He does put himself in the play more often than not though. Either way, out.

CB Javaris Davis Auburn - I fully think height was the reason he wasn't drafted; I can't fathom another. I think he makes the 55 as a nickel.

S Rodney Clemons, SMU - I think this guy has a solid shot to make the 55 as the 5th safety replacing Lucas. He's a guy that shows the ability to do everything but needs coaching to reach full potential. I like him alot and if that mental aspect catches his physical ability he could be a stud. That said, the likelihood of actually making the roster is slim and I'm not high enough on him to say yes. Practice Squad.

LB Bryan Wright, Cincinnati - I like Wright more than I like Cobb. I think he's more explosive, he's got some big-hitter to him, and he's wired with a crazy button. I'd give Wright a solid shot to make this team and can fill more of the role that Ragland left behind. That said, it's going to be really hard for a UDFA guy to come in and make the team regardless of position. I'll put him on the PS.

DE Tershawn Wharton, Missouri S & T - The same physical build as Matt Judon had at Grand Valley State and similar explosive traits. I hate to put this guy in or out right now, but he has a shot, thats for sure. I'm going with PS stash this year.

G Jovahn Fair, Temple - No doubt stood out in evaluations of Temple Center Matt Hennessy but he's a solid player and another academic guy. That said, he's a bit short (6'2") and doesn't look to have the athletic prowess Reid loves, but he has a shot with experience at LG. I'm going with no.

CB Jalen Julius, Mississippi - With Hill and Davis, its obvious that Veach is looking for a NB solution with all these UDFAs. I like Julius a little. He has a bit of juice but he's not a great ball player and has marginal instincts. I'd say no.

CB Hakeem Bailey, West Virginia - Bailey has a solid shot because he plays outside but he has plenty of competition, especially with Sneed and Bopete being drafted. I'd give him a much better go at making the PS this year.

WR Justice Shelton-Mosley, Vanderbilt
WR Andre Baccellia, Washington
WR Maurice Ffrench, Pittsburgh
WR Aleva Hifo, BYU - Throwing these 4 into a bag, shaking it up, and seeing what drops out... They all pretty well bring the same thing to the table - undersized and underwhelming receivers with abilities in the return game. I see Ffrench as the best receiver but I like Hifo as the most explosive player. I'm guessing none make the team but at least one ends up on the PS. I'll maintain the BYU connection and go with Hifo.

QB Shea Patterson, Michigan - Camp fodder and nothing more. He sucks.


Make the Roster
WR Kalija Lipscomb
P Tommy Townsend
NB Javaris Davis

Make the Practice Squad
OC Darryl Williams
LB Bryan Wright
OT Yasir Durant
DE Tershawn Wharton
SS Rodney Clemons
CB Hakeem Bailey
WR Aleva Hifo
KChiefs1 10:08 PM 05-22-2020
Originally Posted by Direckshun:
We’re going to need to develop these guys for 2021, though.
Veach will have to have a lot of UDFA’s make the team when Mahomes is getting $50 million per year.

UDFA’s making the team in 2020:

1. Tommy Townsend
2. Javaris Davis
3. Rodney Clemens
4. Omari Cobb
5. Cody White
6. Darryl Williams
7. Yasir Durant
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