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View Poll Results: How are you holding up?
10 - Life is good. Not sure what everyone's freaking out about. 26 10.97%
9 12 5.06%
8 36 15.19%
7 29 12.24%
6 18 7.59%
5 - Eh, it's fine, but not great. 64 27.00%
4 24 10.13%
3 9 3.80%
2 6 2.53%
1 3 1.27%
0 - Dude. This sucks hard. 10 4.22%
Voters: 237. You may not vote on this poll
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The Lounge>How are you holding up?
DaFace 09:22 PM 03-21-2020
Just curious how the community at large is holding up these days. That's all.
CrazyPhuD 10:05 PM 03-21-2020
My right arm is starting to get a little tired but other than that things are relatively ok.
DaFace 10:06 PM 03-21-2020
My wife and I are fortunate enough to be able to travel a lot. It's kind of the thing we do that makes everything else worth it.

Thus far, we've canceled a trip to New Orleans with her parents this coming week. I have a trip planned to see a friend in St. Louis in 2 weeks. Trip to Italy this summer is almost certainly off. And a trip to NYC this summer to show my parents the City is in jeopardy.

I can't really complain. My job, while not 100% assured, is relatively stable. But man....the highs in life for the foreseeable future have been replaced with an indefinite period of sitting at home bored. That sucks.
Discuss Thrower 10:07 PM 03-21-2020
Originally Posted by Hoover:
My wife, who is or primary wage earner, had been unemployed since Thanksgiving. She started a new job like four days before the shit hit the fan. I keep telling her how fucking lucky we are because shits going to be messed up for a while.

Hope you have something and were just looking for something else.
Given what it took last time around, I'm expecting it will take about 500 applications to yield maybe 5 interviews over twelve full months.

If I'm lucky.
eDave 03-21-2020, 10:07 PM
This message has been deleted by eDave.
eDave 10:09 PM 03-21-2020
Originally Posted by CrazyPhuD:
My right arm is starting to get a little tired but other than that things are relatively ok.

BossChief 10:10 PM 03-21-2020
We’re closing tomorrow at 6 until it’s safe to reopen. All of us are healthy and we have more than most. We won’t be going to California and our Europe trip for next year might have to be moved back, but overall I’m just trying to look at this as a staycation and be glad I have tons of pto and stored assets.
The Iron Chief 10:11 PM 03-21-2020
Originally Posted by DaFace:
Damn dude. Hang in there, and hopefully the illness will be relatively minor for you and your family.

I suppose the positive is that, once you're through it, you'll be among the first to be immune from it.

Hope the job comes back sooner than later.
And to your point.
In approx 7 days I will no longer be a carrier & the latest reports are your immune for possibly a year.
That said I could offer my services to the local hospitals Volunteer or find a job offer.
Volunteer I would do it just to get out & feel good about something.
A job though to do both work & help would be great!

I'll bet I'm far from the first person to think hospitals would love to have a Grunt around that is clear & immune.

Just saying..
CrazyPhuD 10:11 PM 03-21-2020
Originally Posted by The Iron Chief:
0 - Dude. This sucks hard.

If you've read any of my posts you know one of my sons had the virus in New Rochelle (Ground fucking zero)
He then gave it to me. It lasted a week today I'm feeling myself.
My wife and youngest son have been quarantined in my house with us so it'll be a miracle if they don't get it.
My wife is a realtor. Their ordered to shut down tonight at midnight.
I (Red lobster manager) have been put on leave of absence & have filed for unemployment.

We(NY) were already in a partial shutdown but at midnight tonight it kicks up to the next level.
Barbers,Game stops,Gyms etc.. anything retail must close their doors.

I'm 54 & I haven't been unemployed since I was 15.

My wife is high keeps her sane.

We forgot to get to the liquor store tonight so that was just salt in our gashing wound.
They close for good tonight.

I popped in here just now for a distraction & a possible laugh.
Poop jokes are good.
Maybe I'll swing over to the girl on girl thread that usually helps.

Its always interesting to hear different takes from around the country.
Especially those that are still as my son says..a week or 2 behind us(NY).

Thanks to those who have sent me well wishes after reading some of my posts.

I'd like to say its no big deal but well.. the hysteria alone makes it a big deal.

My suggestion to everyone is you personally don't have to believe the hype but that sure as Fuck doesn't mean you shouldn't be getting ready to eventually be where I'm sitting.
There is no place to go & nothing to do.
I'm guessing next week we won't be able to leave our property except for the 30 minute grocery store runs.

Don't mean to be a Debbie Downer but it kind of sucks here.

I'm out!
Off to Girls on Girls..
As much as things have definately sucked, you have two small silver linings. If you've had it now, you know you can't get it again, and you know that after you're healthy that you can't give it to anyone else.

Small comfort given what you're going through but you will have some peace of mind going forward that others won't.
Bugeater 10:13 PM 03-21-2020
I voted 5 only because on Jan 1st it looked like this was the year we got back on track after a couple very tumultuous years. Now everything is up in the air again. I don't even want to know what's happened to the Mrs' 401k.

Then I read a post like Iron Chief's and it puts things right into perspective. I really have nothing to complain about. There's only so much I can control, so I'm just trying to be smart in my day to day activities and hope for the best. And in kind of an odd way, I'm enjoying the things I have more than I did before this mess got started. There's always a silver lining, just gotta look for it.

Stay strong my friends!
BryanBusby 10:22 PM 03-21-2020
I still have a job (for today at least), food and money. Sitting at home? Whatever.

We're being asked to sit at home for awhile, not fight in a war.
Rain Man 10:32 PM 03-21-2020
Socially I'm a 10. It's actually pretty pleasant to hang around the house for a while.

Physically I'm an 8. Really, the only problem is just a worry that I'll get sick or that my grocery store will run out of food. Both are low likelihood, but they're floating in the back of my mind.

Financially, I'm a 3, if that. Maybe a 2. My retirement money took a major hit and my company is almost certainly going to take a major hit. I really hated the Great Recession, and this is running a similar course.

On average, then, it's a 7, but I'll bump it to 8 because my physical concerns are probably overwrought.
LiveSteam 10:35 PM 03-21-2020
Originally Posted by eDave:
Being grouded as a kid these days must rock. What's the diff?
And you still cant get them to quit whining.
Im ready to duct tape my kids mouth shut.
Bugeater 10:39 PM 03-21-2020
Originally Posted by LiveSteam:
And you still cant get them to quit whining.
Im ready to duct tape my kids mouth shut.
Oh dear god. You need to start hiding out over here more. I'll have to spray you down with bleach before you enter though.
LiveSteam 10:40 PM 03-21-2020
Shed just text bomb me.
KurtCobain 10:41 PM 03-21-2020
Reerun_KC 10:45 PM 03-21-2020
Originally Posted by LiveSteam:
Shed just text bomb me.
Tell them they were adopted and no one loves them.
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