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kccrow 06:43 PM 04-12-2017
Here it is... what I want to see in 2017. Enjoy.

Round 1, Selection 22 | Patrick Mahomes II, QB, Texas Tech (6'2" 225)

Trade Round 1 (27) and Round 3 (91) to Miami Dolphins for Round 1 (22) to move ahead of New York Giants (23) and Houston Texans (25).

We all know about Mahomes so I'll spare the details and scouting report. I feel like this draft is really a crapshoot as far as the QBs are concerned. I don't feel as though the run will start that early. In my opinion, pundits are making alot to do about nothing when it comes to some teams like the Chargers, Cardinals, and Saints in round 1. I don't think they are necessarily looking at QBs and thinking 7, 11, or 13, rather 2nd round or a trade back up from the 2nd. If you're picking that high, there are usually big fish to fry and a developmental QB behind an established vet might not be priority one. With that said, I think there's going to be a QB the Chiefs like that gets in striking distance, and Miami is a traditional trade partner. This bodes well for KC given that they can leap the Giants and, especially, the Texans. I happen to really like Mahomes and I still feel like he's the #3 QB on teams' lists. I'd be happy with either Trubisky or Watson if one of those fall instead. No matter the situation, I think KC has to make a move to get a guy they want.

Round 2, Selection 59 | Daeshon Hall, DE/OLB, Texas A&M (6'5" 266, 4.76 40-yd, 18 bench, 35" vert)

Hall is a quick-twitch type of player that reminds me a bunch of Chandler Jones, from his size, to his athleticism, to his collegiate production. Hall got into the backfield an awful lot in 2016 but just didn't quite finish with the sack numbers you want. That doesn't mean he didn't make a big impact, because he did. Hall is the type of player I can see KC moulding into what they want on the edge, given he's a tad raw, and the rewards could be great. Hall shows great burst off the snap. He needs to work on functional strength, his hand usage, and his punch, but he has time to develop in KC. You might be drafting a guy on size/weight/speed, but that's exactly what Dorsey did when he took Dee Ford in the 1st.

Round 3, Selection 104 | Anthony Walker Jr. - ILB - Northwestern (6'1" 238 - 4.65 40-yd, 30.5" vert, 23 bench)

Walker is a quick and fairly fast linebacker with the ability to shoot gaps and make plays in the backfield as well as stick in coverage down the field. Walker lacks slightly in his ability to stack and shed, but he has the ability to knife by would-be blockers to make plays. Walker is a sideline-to-sideline type that can make plays on the perimeter. Criticized by some as having gained too much weight in 2016, he actually was injured to begin the season and finished the last 2/3 of the year on a torrid pace of nearly 10 tackles per game. Walker is a prototypical weakside backer for a 3-4 given his ability to stay on the field for all 3 downs and cover backs and tight ends in either man or zone.

Round 4, Selection 132 | Shaquill Griffin, CB, Central Florida (6'0" 194 - 4.38 40-yd, 38.5" vert, 6.87 3-cone)

Griffin is a long, quick-footed corner with excellent hip movement to mirror receivers and stick in coverage. Aggressive and physical with excellent press ability. Good ball production and timing to break up passes in his zone. Excellent statistics in coverage over past two seasons as a starter. Outstanding in run support, disengaging from receivers to make form tackles in support at the line. Highly underrated corner coming from a smaller school. Drafting Griffin is more about next season. While he would likely replace Acker on the depth chart, he's in a bit similar mould to Phillip Gaines from an athletic standpoint and Gaines is a free agent next year. Not only that, but Mitchell is a free agent as well and the Chiefs may not afford him if he puts up a full season like he played last year.

Round 5, Selection 170 | Aaron Jones, RB, UTEP (5'9" 208 - 4.56 40-yd, 37.5" vert, 6.82 3-cone)

Outstanding back with great balance, speed, quickness, and lower body explosion. Combine numbers back up tape. Underrated runner from small school that put up large numbers and did so against top competition as well. A slashing running back that will makes defenders pay in open space. Effective jump cut and spin move. Active feet and great balance to break tackles and make quick moves to cut on a dime. Outstanding vision and patience. Follows his blocks and finds his cutback lanes. Jones runs well at all levels and to the inside and outside. Outstanding receiver out of the backfield. Can beat linebackers down field and can make catches in stride with soft hands. Takes care of the football. Runs a bit high, opening himself up to some hits and reducing his power inside the tackle box. I agree with Marshall Faulk that this guy is a big sleeper and he's better than a lot of more highly touted backs. This kid is going to be a steal for a team.

Round 5, Selection 180 | Stevie Tu'ikolovatu, NT, Southern California (6'1" 331 - 5.45 40-yd, 28 bench, 24.5" vert)

Tu'ikolovatu is a portly built nose type with solid athleticism, solid arm length, and big strong hands. He's very similar to newly signed NT, Bennie Logan. Tu'ikolovatu's displays excellent explosion off the snap and a good inital punch. Difficult move off the line of scrimmage and more often forces the action into the backfield with good push. Displays good run stopping ability and enough overall athleticism to play a 2-gap nose . Will likely be a limited to a 2-down role given lack of pass rush ability. The Chiefs signed Bennie Logan on a 1-year deal, so they will likely need to address the nose at some point.

Round 6, Selection 216 | Austin Calitro, ILB, Villanova (6'0" 240 - 4.67 40-yd, 34" vert, 24 bench, 6.96 3-cone)

Solidly built inside linebacker with the play strength and demeanor to be a strong side linebacker. Has good play diagnosis skills and puts himself in great position to make plays from down-to-down. Slips around blocks and engages and sheds blocks well. Makes plays in the backfield. A violent and forceful hitter that breaks down well, which is a rare combination these days. Solid coverage, but limited athletically. Limited to SILB role in 3-4 or SOLB role in 4-3. Big motor. Appears to be a film junkie given his instinct and awareness on the field. Team captain. Looks to be a more athletic and a more forceful player than Mauga, but has the skillset to take on the same role. The Chiefs really need someone to push for the strong side role hard as they really don't have an ideal option on the roster.

Round 6, Selection 218 | Quincy Adeboyejo, WR, Ole Miss (6'3" 197 - 4.42 40-yd, 34.5" vert, 6.73 3-cone)

Long and fluid receiver with excellent short area quickness. Gets out of the blocks very well, pressing corners immediately and has solid deep speed. Very good hands and shows the ability to contort to make plays outside of his frame. Makes catches in traffic and in contested situations. Looks the prototype as a slot receiver in the NFL and could be much more with development. Alot of talent at WR at Ole Miss during his tenure, so has a solid shot to be a better pro than collegian. The Chiefs need someone that can threaten a roster spot of either Albert Wilson or De'Anthony Thomas, and Adeboyejo has the type of speed and quickness that could do so.

Round 7, Selection 245 | Jordan Roos, OG, Purdue (6'4" 302 - 5.22 40-yd, 41 bench, 28.5 vert)

Looks like Tarzan, plays like Tarzan type of guard. Great initial punch with outstanding strength and anchor. Nasty demeanor, always looking to hit someone. Solid movement within his box. Doesn't give up ground easily. Can be caught leaning and using his superior upper body strength, so will need to get better using his lower body to drive defenders. Excellent pass blocker. More of a wall-off run blocker that made huge strides in this area as a Senior.
KChiefs1 06:44 AM 04-28-2017
What if Jordan Willis or Dalvin Cook are still there at 59...still want Hall over them?

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kccrow 06:21 PM 04-28-2017
Originally Posted by KChiefs1:
What if Jordan Willis or Dalvin Cook are still there at 59...still want Hall over them?

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Cook I would have said yes. I don't like Willis at all. Too linear.
kccrow 09:01 AM 05-04-2020
3-years looking back...

1-22 QB Patrick Mahomes II - Had to go to 10 to get him but I championed him all offseason. I wasn't sure just how far the move had to be. Got part of the trade right at least with 3-91.
2-59 DE Daeshon Hall - Went 3-77 to Carolina. On his 3rd team. Terrible.
3-104 LB Anthony Walker, Jr. - Went 5-161 to Indy. Starter past 2 years with over 100 tackles each season.
4-132 CB Shaquill Griffin - Went 3-90 to Seattle. Starter by week 5 of his rookie year. One of the better CBs in the NFL and Pro-Bowler.
5-170 RB Aaron Jones - Went 5-182 to GB. Became full-time starter in 2019 with over 1,000 yards rushing and over 1,500 yds total and 19 total TDs.
5-180 DT Stevie Tu'ikolovatu - Went 7-223 to TB. Bounced on and off the PS. Blah.
6-216 LB Austin Calitro - UDFA to Jets but has 9 starts and 85 tackles over past 2 seasons for Seattle and Jacksonville, now with Cincy.
6-218 WR Quincy Adeboyejo - UDFA to Baltimore, bounced to the Jets and now to NE. Blah.
7-245 OG Jordan Roos - UDFA to Seattle has bounced on and off PS, still there, 14 games played.

Chiefs Draft

1-10 QB Patrick Mahomes II
2-59 DE Tanoh Kpassagnon
3-104 Traded with 4-132 and 7-245 to Minnesota for 3-86 for RB Kareem Hunt
5-170 Traded with 5-180 to Minnesota for 4-139 for WR Jehu Chesson
6-216 Traded with TE James O'Shaughnessy for 5-183 for LB Ukeme Eligwe
6-218 DB Leon McQuay III

Getting the Mahomes' trade correct and taking Griffin at 59 would have put this draft on par, and overall would have really been as good a haul as possible for as bad as this draft was overall from a talent perspective.
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