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Saccopoo Memorial Draft Forum>Kyle Dugger - S/LB, Lenoir-Rhyne
wachashi 10:38 AM 02-14-2020
This guy is intriguing and could be another Swiss Army Knife type of player for Spags. If Sorenson gets cut, this is the type of player you can draft to fill that role, and he's much, MUCH, more athletic than Sorenson. Lots of draft pundits are saying he can play off-ball linebacker at the NFL level. He's 6' 1" 217lbs.

Right now, it looks like he'll be available at the end of the second round/beginning of the third. He's a "sleeper" pick because he played D-II ball. His tape is fun because he completely outclasses everyone else on the field athletically and he returned kicks. He's been called, "one of the best pure athletes in the 2020 NFL Draft."

Halfcan 10:49 AM 02-14-2020
He looks like a very aggressive and sure tackler. Pretty nice moves on those returns too.
staylor26 11:10 AM 02-14-2020
I just don’t know that we can afford to spend another high pick at safety with all of our other needs.
wachashi 11:38 AM 02-14-2020
His role would be a lot different than Thornhill or Mathieu. Ben Niemann played 400 defensive snaps this year. Sorensen played 563 and could be cut this year to clear cap room. This guy might be able to play both of those roles, but unlike Niemann and Sorenson, he's an athletic freak.

I could see Spags falling in love with his versatility, but he is raw.
kccrow 07:49 PM 02-14-2020
I'd much rather take a flier on Myles Dorn from North Carolina in the 5th. Dad played in the league. Athletic as hell. A bit raw.
Chief Northman 10:11 PM 02-14-2020
Most projections I’ve seen on Dugger have him ranked as a 4th/5th round prospect.

I’d be on board with him there, as opposed to a top 90 pick...
jjchieffan 11:50 AM 02-15-2020
They had this kid on SiriusXM NFL channel the other day. I was thinking how good of a fit he would be in KC as wet. I believe that he's an engineering major as well. Really smart. I'll be watching to see where he ends up going