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Shoes 02:59 PM 02-10-2020
Hey fellas, thought we could start a thread and name a few prospects each that you like. Whether they grade as a day 1 prospect or even as a late 7th round flyer, call your shot and name some of the prospects you like in this upcoming draft

Iíll start:

WR- Van Jefferson Florida. This WR class is so deep and I think Jefferson might get overlooked a bit. Heís an older prospect at the age of 24 but every time I watch him he reminds me of Keenan Allen. Isnít the fastest or strongest WR, but he will create separation with beautiful routes. Really a pleasure to watch, I think he can step in day 1 on a lot of teams and produce.

CB- Darnay Holmes UCLA. Thought he had an excellent senior bowl going against a stacked class of wide receivers. Another draft selection on day 2 that I think can provide excellent value.
Toad 04:19 PM 02-10-2020
Chiefs have no shot at him, but I think Dee Dee Lamb will be pretty darn good...