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Saccopoo Memorial Draft Forum>Interesting nugget from Matt Miller today
staylor26 11:30 PM 02-07-2020
Originally Posted by :
—And finally, congrats to the Kansas City Chiefs on their Super Bowl win. The work, unfortunately, never stops for a team that is now the target of 31 other franchises. As the Chiefs' offseason planning gets underway, one thing I've heard often is: General manager Brett Veach will do whatever it takes to surround Mahomes with the best possible offensive weapons. Keep that in mind as mock-draft season kicks off.
I wouldn’t be shocked if we go WR, TE, or RB early.
Hog's Gone Fishin 09:07 PM 02-09-2020
Originally Posted by staylor26:
I wouldn’t be shocked if we go WR, TE, or RB early.
No TE's grade as Rd1 Back of RD2 is where they start. I heard today that OJ Howard may be available for a 3rd from Tampa Bay
Tribal Warfare 12:22 PM 02-10-2020
Yep RB the RB and OL will be the primary targets
pugsnotdrugs19 03:21 PM 02-10-2020
Well, we’re paying big big money to the QB, WR1, TE, and our OTs by next season. So I’m guessing they will look to the draft to re-stock some of the other spots.

Trading Jones makes more and more sense by the day.... they’re gonna say all the right things to drive up his value, but I bet they kinda know that they need to trade him if they can get good value.