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Washington DC and The Holy Land>Senate Passes Resolution Calling for End to US Involvement in Yemen War
BucEyedPea 12:43 PM 03-14-2019
This is the second time in a month that Congress has voted on a War Powers Act challenge to the Yemen War, with the House having had such a vote in mid-February.

White House Chief of Staff: Senate Trying to Undermine Commander in Chief With Yemen Vote

Says 'senior advisers' [RINO's & NCs] are calling for a veto

The Senate vote, which passed on Wednesday, declared the war illegal on the grounds that Congress never authorized the US to go to war in Yemen.

The [CofS] statement argues that this is in violation of President Trump’s constitutional powers, saying it is inappropriate to “override the President’s determination as Commander-in-Chief.”
Trump's advisors are wrong. Even Truman was wrong, who started this crap. The Senate is right. It's about time, the power to decide where we make war returns to the Congress which the Constitution puts that power. Then the CiC executes should they decide on war-making activities.

It will probably be vetoed and there's not enough votes to override it.
patteeu 03:58 PM 03-14-2019
How do you explain taking this stance in a situation where Congress has delegated its power and now wants it back on the same day you take the opposite when it comes to declaring an emergency on the border?

I wonder if Mike Lee takes the same side of both?