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The Lounge>***NON-POLITICAL COVID-19 Discussion Thread***
JakeF 10:28 PM 02-26-2020
A couple of reminders...

Originally Posted by Bwana:
Once again, don't come in this thread with some kind of political agenda, or you will be shown the door. If you want to go that route, there is a thread about this in DC.
Originally Posted by Dartgod:
People, there is a lot of good information in this thread, let's try to keep the petty bickering to a minimum.

We all have varying opinions about the impact of this, the numbers, etc. We will all never agree with each other. But we can all keep it civil.


Click here for the original OP:


Bugeater 08:12 PM Yesterday
Originally Posted by Kidd Lex:
Program needs some work:
Soooo fucking sick of clicking links just have them cry about my ad blocker. No, I'm not shutting it off for you, y'all did this to yourself with all the bullshit ads you bombarded us with over the years, so fuck the fuck off.
Bugeater 08:12 PM Yesterday
That random outburst was directed at the site, not you Kidd.
Kidd Lex 08:14 PM Yesterday
Originally Posted by Bugeater:
That random outburst was directed at the site, not you Kidd.
Kiimosabi 09:26 PM Yesterday
Originally Posted by
We donít always keep making antibodies for things once weíve cleared them. We have memory cells that will ramp up and make them if we encounter said antigen again.

Up to this point, there hasnít been proven reinfection that Iíve seen or read. That would go against everything we have so far in virology for the most part. Immunity may wane but I would imagine itíll last atleast a year or so and even then you may be able to get it again but it would be very mild

My friend's sister had this happen:
Pitt Gorilla 09:28 PM Yesterday
Probably the best information I've seen regarding masks.

cdcox 10:41 PM Yesterday
Originally Posted by Chief Roundup:
I have wondered about this stuff also. Since Covid-19 is a Coronavirus just like Flu A and Flu B we do not have immunity and can be reinfected what seems fairly soon what makes Covid-19 different?
Because it isn't just like influenza. For billionth time. Influenza mutates much faster than sars-cov-2.
Fish 11:24 PM Yesterday
Hereís how restaurant workers can get free coronavirus testing in Kansas City

Restaurant workers in the Kansas City area will have the chance to get free coronavirus testing during a limited three-day event next week, the Kansas City, Missouri Department of Health announced Wednesday.

Staff from the health department and the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services will administer up to 2,000 coronavirus tests at the Homefield Sports Facility at 5300 Bannister Rd. from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. July 13 through July 15.

Anyone being tested must make an appointment in advance. Restaurant workers who live in Missouri can register for a time online or call 877-435-8411. If there are vacant appointments, others outside the restaurant industry will be allowed to sign up at some point as well.

The department wanted to give the opportunity for restaurant workers who arenít insured through their employer to get tested for COVID-19, said Naser Jouhari, Environmental Health Services Division manager.

ďIn addition, we wanted to protect them and protect patrons walking into these establishments,Ē Jouhari said, ďmaking sure that employees are distant, and they wonít be carrying COVID-19 while they are serving [food.]Ē

The number of new coronavirus cases has continued to climb. The Kansas City metro saw its second highest increase in COVID-19 cases Wednesday since the pandemic began, with 335 new coronavirus cases confirmed. The metro has now surpassed 10,000 confirmed coronavirus cases.
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