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Iowanian 04:41 PM 01-13-2015
In several discussions about music, several posters bring in Red Dirt Music to the conversation.

In this thread, I'd like to do things a little different to help people learn about our favorite artists, and post a couple of youtube videos of their song and your personal favorite playlist of that artist.
Feel free to include your own contributions, but follow the format. Videos of live performances, and list a few of your favorite songs.

I've met a few of these guys and have had beers with some of them, so I'll share stories and nuggets that they've told me. It's fine if you have a different take of the same artists or offer a different playlist.

Happy listening.
lewdog 11:27 AM 07-04-2020
Originally Posted by Buehler445:
The interview with Nix is the best I could find.
Nix's album dropped on June 26 I found. I gave it a listen.

Music is good and who doesn't love a great fiddle player. Lyrics are fine and similar in story telling while being more ominous than Turnpike.

However, there's a reason he wasn't the lead singer of the Troubadours.....
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