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Tribal Warfare 06:07 AM 06-28-2020

Morten Andersen on departure of Chiefs P Dustin Colquitt and the specialist stigma

— Chiefs Wire (@TheChiefsWire) May 14, 2020

lcarus 03:54 PM 06-28-2020
Morten Andersen: “I saw the news come over the ticker, and I was like, ‘What?'”

He must not follow the Chiefs all that closely. It was a pretty obvious move considering their cap situation, Colquitt's age, and the fact the Chiefs have Mahomes. The big thing is he's also a great holder and that's the thing the Chiefs will need to worry about the most.

The Chiefs weren't wrong for releasing Andersen when they did either. I loved the guy and he was money inside 40. If we needed a 45+ yarder we were outright fucked. Is he that surprised they didn't want to keep paying him 1.2 mill for his last 3 seasons when he was already 43. His last 5 seasons as a pro he only attempted 3 FGs of 50 yards or more and made 2002. Andersen claims his release was not based on performance buuuuut, he was 5 of 9 from 40-49 his first season as a Chief and 5 of 8 the following season. When you're paid that much as a kicker and your team has to punt when it's 4th down at the frickin 30, it might be worth going younger at the position. And again, I loved Morten Andersen. But the truth is the truth. And I love Colquitt. But I'm not surprised they chose to move forward at the position this offseason.
Hoover 04:20 PM 06-28-2020
Chiefs were better to Dustin than I would have been. Once we had Pat I would have went young at the position. Awesome that he got a ring. chiefs treated him well IMO
BWillie 04:22 PM 06-28-2020
Do we even need a punter? Do we?
Shiver Me Timbers 04:24 PM 06-28-2020
Most of CP understands reason to cut ties to DQ. Will still miss him. Dude is a gamer.
Chiefs were good to him and he was an asset. Things change and he does not sound bitter.
Bring him back to bang the drum!
And PS
he got his ring!
Deberg_1990 04:26 PM 06-28-2020
Morton knows full well the business and why the Chiefs cut Colquitt. The writer is desperate for a story.
Chiefspants 03:27 PM 06-29-2020
It has to be hard for veteran players when the game goes past them and they’re not ready to hang it up. Especially if they’ve spent their entire lives prioritizing the game since elementary school. Yada yada, I know they’re millionaires and I thought we were kind to hold onto Dustin for 2019 (it was time). But still, I can feel for Dustin’s reaction to the news. Happy his left footed punting forced a key fumble in the Super Bowl, at least.