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Hammock Parties 07:36 PM 05-02-2019
Available on the PC again! Maybe I'll actually play it this year.

Originally Posted by :

When talking and listening to players, we kept hearing that being a star of their own football story would be fantastic. With that in mind, we crafted Face of the Franchise: QB1, where the story is not only about you, but one where the choices you make matter.

It kicks off with creating yourself as a quarterback – even using “face editing” to get an improved likeness. Once you have your player, you begin in college, choosing from top schools to attend, then competing for a national championship in the college football playoffs. Be the BMOC and take home the title, but bring your A-game, because your performance in college – just like on the real collegiate gridiron – has an impact on your capabilities and your draft stock.

The NFL draft doesn’t just happen, though – the combine comes first. Ever-increasing in importance and scrutinization, the combine is a key part of the process. And here, if you want your stock to soar, you’ll need to focus on every rep and decision you make to keep your name rising on draft boards. Where will you get picked, and where will your NFL career start? You’ll find out on draft day!


No matter where you get drafted – from first round to last – once a team picks you, you’re going to have to show you belong playing with the pros. Whether you’re a first-rounder who needs to prove you were the perfect high pick, or a seventh-rounder busting your ass to make the roster, if you want success you have to work hard and make each opportunity count.

In the NFL, start building your legacy and taking your franchise to winning seasons, expanding your legend with each snap. It’s not about the cash your contracts rack up, but about how many Super Bowls you win as your legend grows. Give your all – and have fun – as you play your way into memorable moments. When you celebrate your career at the end, will you be remembered among the greats, placed alongside them in the Hall of Fame?

As you live your superstar story, Madden’s new Scenario Engine generates personalized playable scenarios, events, and dynamic challenges that tell the tale of a unique NFL career. Adding to it, in Face of the Franchise: QB1, like in Franchise mode, you choose your Archetype: Strong Arm, Scrambler, Improviser, Field General. Superstar abilities are tied to the Archetype you pick. Levelling up your archetypes unlocks different abilities.

It’s time for you to take your place as the face of the franchise.


While we heard fan feedback for a superstar experience, we also dove deep into the forums and reddit and worked with Gamechangers to round out Franchise mode in other ways, too. With that, here are a few more things to get you ready to break the huddle.

Pro Bowl Returns to Madden NFL 20

The first thing you’ll see while Madden NFL 20 sets up is the Pro Bowl. You can play the pro bowl while the game installs, and you will also have the opportunity to qualify for the Pro Bowl during your Franchise seasons. It’s another opportunity to gain valuable experience and add to your Legacy.

Ratings Spread

We’ve adjusted the range of ratings that you’ll see on players. What does this mean? As examples:

The ratings difference between a 90 OVR player and an 89 OVR player is now larger

Each skill point you spend will be more impactful, and you can earn more skill points over the course of a career

In some cases, you will now see a starter with an OVR in the mid-50s.

New Scenarios

We’ve added an all-new in-game system that generates personalized playable scenarios featuring interactions with characters via a variety of ways including branching dialogue, dynamic events that reflect your performance and choices, challenges that build the story of your unique NFL career (from the moment you sign your rookie contract to you Hall of Fame induction), and more.

Development Traits

We’ve made large updates to our Development Trait system to support Superstar and Zone abilities. The Development Traits in Madden 20 are: Normal, Star, Superstar, and Superstar X-Factor. Both Superstar and X-Factors players can earn Superstar Abilities, but only X-Factors can earn Zone Abilities. We’ve also addressed one of the communities’ biggest complaints: players dropping down in Development Trait. In Madden 20, players can no longer go down in Development Trait at the end of a season.

Coach Mode

Coach mode is also getting scenarios. And the changes to Development Traits have a big impact on Coach mode. Coaches will want to build up their teams with Superstars and X-Factor Superstars via Trades, free agency, and the draft. We’ve also added an overhauled lineup UI to make Franchise mode even smoother.

Contract Updates

We’ve taken a meticulous pass on existing player contracts to ensure they match the NFL. This will not only be more authentic, but it will also make managing your roster’s cap space more realistic.

Progression Updates

We’ve overhauled our progression tuning, including making changes to XP gains from weekly training, actions on the field, and goal completion. These changes should ultimately lead to users being able to increase the OVR of more players on their team meaning they have more option in how to develop their roster.

Draft Updates

We’ve taken a full pass on our Rookie Generators. People familiar with draft classes from the past few years are in for some new surprises, from names, to bodies, to ratings, and more.

One more draft surprise is that rookies with a Superstar Development or higher trait will have their development trait hidden until they’ve played through at least half of a season. These players have their abilities hidden until you reveal their Development Trait. This means that if you draft either a Superstar or an X-Factor Superstar you won’t know exactly what you’ve drafted until later in a season – use your preseason wisely.

Gameplay Effects Updated

We’ve implemented a ton of changes, like Throw Power overhauls to change QB trajectories. But that’s just one example! Tune in to our gameplay stream on 5/23 for more of the inside scoop on additions and changes you’ll find in Madden NFL 20.

Hammock Parties 08:28 PM 06-15-2019
Here is what Eric had to say:

1. Player movement fixed. Animations are phenomenal.

2. Running the ball is smooth and responsive. You don't feel like you're losing control.

3. Usering on defense works well, clicking on and controlling the nearest defender is super responsive.

4. Pass rush is lethal. This will lead to complaints. Adaption of gameplay style will be needed. No chuck and duck.

5. You cannot play Madden 20 like Madden 17/18/19. You will fail.

6. QB animations look really good. Passing game feels realistic, but you need to anticipate a lot of routes and account for pass windups.

7. Super linebackers are gone. Even user defending you need to be much closer to a receiver to user pick.

8. X-Factor Superstar abilities are not overpowered. If you are "in the zone" you do not automatically dominate. It just gives you a better chance of success.

9. You will be scared of the really good pass rushers. And the good safeties. And the good linebackers. Players play how they play in real life. "Special players feel special. It's not just about speed anymore."

10. Stiff-arm works better.

11. QBs who can get outside the pocket are dangerous. But if you spy or contain you will stop it.

12. Jet sweeps are fun and work...maybe OP. RPOs are hit and miss, might need tuned.

13. Run blocking isn't perfect. AI needs work. Some players still oblivious. But you can still run the ball.

14. No huddle is OP. You can snap the ball really fast after the last play ends.
Hammock Parties 08:44 PM 06-15-2019
here we goooooooooo

Hammock Parties 09:27 PM 06-15-2019
First play - 5 yard gain on a dive

Second play - sack, PA pass and didn't have time

Third play - sack, held ball too long on a screen

Four play - 93 yard TD to Reek from 5 wide on 4th and a mile :-)

Game is fun. I'm playing on intermediate.
Hammock Parties 09:59 PM 06-15-2019
Game is really smooth. The definitely refined all the animations. Player movement rocks.

I am getting sacked too much, but I also have 223 yards and 2 TD in the first half of the Pro Bowl.

I'm really noticing, you just have to be bang bang with your actions. There's no waiting on an animation like Madden 18.

Case in point, I just threw a slip screen to Reek and there was no delay. I just snapped the ball, waited a tick for my blockers to get moving and pounded the pass button. Pulled off two sick jukes in the open field too. 36-yard gain.

RPO stuff looks good, too, but you can't hold the ball.
BigRedChief 10:07 PM 06-15-2019
Originally Posted by Hammock Parties:
I think I am going to buy my copy in store this year. I want the box.
you need to get him Hooked up like yesterday.

Can i get a code? @EAMaddenNFL @Ty_Stover

— Patrick Mahomes II (@PatrickMahomes) June 15, 2019

Hammock Parties 10:16 PM 06-15-2019
uh pretty sure one of the devs gave him a code
Hammock Parties 10:50 PM 06-15-2019
Mahomes took his helmet off and his 'do popped out with his headband. Glorious.

Pro Bowl game:

AFC 25, NFC 17

Mahomes: 12-22, 307 yards, 4 TD, 7 sacks (at least two were me tooling around, plus getting used to the pass rush)

Brees 18-26, 165 yards, 4 TD

Conner - 5 car, 37 yards
Mahomes - 2 car, 10 yards

I had two sacks and 5 PDEF

5 total penalties

6 min quarters
Hammock Parties 12:00 AM 06-16-2019
Looks like Deuce Close HB Pitch is out of the game. :-)

People gonna be mad.
Hammock Parties 12:31 AM 06-16-2019
RPO game is really fun. I found the exact play the Chiefs ran in San Diego for their first offensive TD of 2018. It rules.
Hammock Parties 12:44 AM 06-16-2019
UNBELIEVABLE MOMENT: Called an RPO and completed the pass. Waited too long to throw though and got an INELIGIBLE MAN DOWNFIELD PENALTY. A couple plays later, ran it again and the TE got an OPI for blocking downfield.
Hammock Parties 12:55 AM 06-16-2019

carcosa 01:02 AM 06-16-2019
Originally Posted by Hammock Parties:
7. Super linebackers are gone. Even user defending you need to be much closer to a receiver to user pick.
Thank fucking Christ!!!!!
Hammock Parties 01:45 AM 06-16-2019
More weather options.

Partly Cloudy
Light Rain
Light Snow
Superturtle 10:17 AM 06-16-2019
Game feel better than 19?
Hammock Parties 10:38 AM 06-16-2019
Originally Posted by Superturtle:
Game feel better than 19?
Everything Eric said is accurate.

I played a full game. Got my ass kicked, but it was fun. Player movement is so smooth.

Graphics are fucking sexy. I'm going to share a bunch of shit with you guys I'm not supposed to. :-)
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