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Media Center>The Walking Dead ***With Comic Spoilers*** (Part 2)
Fire Me Boy! 03:01 PM 10-02-2014
Sunday Nights at 9pm/8pm (Central) on AMC. Premiere for Season 5 is Oct. 12.
DJJasonp 01:30 PM 03-21-2019
Originally Posted by wutamess:
I guess I'm the only one that's enjoyed this half of the season?

Multiple interesting plots.

- Negan coming BACK to his cell.
- The Road Warriors (new friends - forces getting bigger).
- Backstory why Machone doens't trust anyone anymore.
- Whisperers/Beta.

I think you guys just like to bitch about something.
This is one of the best (non drawn out) seasons in a very long time. Not too long ago we were saying Negan and the Governor episodes were too drawn out. This may not be non-stop action but I'm really digging the story line as every episode seems like we're still settling into the new era.

Even though the plot is redundant, they've managed to keep this at least entertaining.
I tend to lean this way as well.

I feel this season has gotten back to the roots of the show (the psychological everyone deals with the zombie apocalypse....the moral compromises....the transformations, etc.).

That all said, besides the whisperers (which have potential), I think they need a new threat (biological, etc.).
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