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Showtime 03:15 PM 03-14-2019

The #Chiefs are expected to sign former #Saints DE Alex Okafor, source said. He gets a 3-year deal worth up to $24M.

— Ian Rapoport (@RapSheet) March 14, 2019

duncan_idaho 12:54 PM 03-15-2019
Originally Posted by JohnDONsey:
Iím sure Mathieu is going to be moving around a lot, but I believe they want him to be the deep middle guy mainly. I canít remember who exactly had the quote that said that but one of our beat writers had it.

Obviously, plans in March change, just throwing it out there.

Yeah, and I think heíll do well. It seems like Adderly can do everything, too (cover WRs like a CB, play deep, play in box).

Would be pretty cool to have 2 interchangeable guys at S. Would give you a tremendous amount of flexibility and unpredictability in the back end, and let you make things tougher on QBs.
ChiefsCountry 01:32 PM 03-15-2019
Originally Posted by srvy:
Supposedly Pittsburgh and Baltimore are very interested.
Good fits for him in 3-4 defenses. Houston just wasn't a fit for our 4-3.
YontsRBake 03:24 AM 03-16-2019
Originally Posted by ChiefsCountry:
Dee Ford doesn't fit in a 4-3 defense. Chiefs did the right thing. Some people are just too stupid.
Except a 4-3 team traded for him with the plan to play him at WDE and immediately paid him 17m per. So there definitely is at least 1 GM in the NFL who believes Dee Ford can play in a 4-3 and I donít believe John Lynch is stupid.
YontsRBake 03:28 AM 03-16-2019
Originally Posted by Sweet Daddy Hate:
I think we all understand that the front 4 have to be on-point. I think we also understand that this is going to take some development and drafting as well.
I'm not gonna' freak out on ANY of this shit until we complete this FA and draft, and get our asses to camp. It's WAY too early to be calling things a success or a bust at this point.

At the end of the day, we blew up the #31 defense in the league and hired a coaching trifecta that the majority of teams in this league would LOVE to have. I'm not worried one bit.
I can agree with this and I will say I am probably over reacting. I just didnít expect us to sign these replacements for such high amounts of money. My mindset was you either use a Wes Snead approach and add to what you have and go all in, or you completely gut it and open up tons of space.

I thought the Wes Snead approach was the way to go (even if it didnít work out in the end for the Rams, their offense and QB arenít as talented as ours) ofc I could be wrong and Veach might be a genius, time will tell.
IUsedToBeATightEnd 06:44 AM 03-16-2019
Typical 4-3 DE who puts pressure up the middle. This move makes sense in our future defense and follows Andy's ideas on QB pressure. Not at all surprised.
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