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Ubeja Vontell 12:56 AM 09-03-2019
Yep, a marathon. Talking 10 movies here (I know but need some number). You are in charge.

If I'm in charge...... it again Sam (never actually said)
King Kong 1933.....KONG the 8th wonder of the world.
Road House.....thought you'd be bigger****
Cool Hand Luke.....what we got here is failure to communicate
The Godfather.....make him an offer he cant refuse
On the Waterfront.....I could have been a contender
The Warriors....warriors come out and playeeeee
A Streetcar Named Desire....STELLA! STELLA! rain! no rain! no rain!


The movie gets all the historical facts wrong but great entertainment.

**** remember the cute blond who did the dance, the semi strip routine, what ever happened to her? Same with the girl washing the car in Cool Hand Luke.
Nzoner 08:35 AM 09-03-2019
I own a box set called The Godfather Saga 1902-1958 which is parts 1 & 2 shown in chronological order with some edited footage added back in(as in we get to see Hyman Roth as a young man and the first time he meets Vito Corleone.

3.Manhunter(Brian Cox for me is the original and best Hannibal Lector.
4.Requiem For A Dream-brutal reality of addiction,Aronofsky took me into a world I could not wait to escape and yet I could not turn away.
5.Arsenic & Old Lace-The original dark comedy
6.Last Of The Mohicans(1992)-2nd entry on this list by Michael Mann,great adaption with amazing cinematography and soundtrack.
7.Raging Bull-loved that this film was made in B/W the best boxing movie ever.
8.Pink Floyd The Wall-great animation,great music and a glimpse into the minds and world of two members of one of the greatest bands ever.
9.White Heat-Cagney,one of the best gangsters ever this time as Cody Jarrett..."Look Ma I'm on top of the world!"
10.Once Upon A Time In America-another gangster film and one that I put up there with The Godfather in that if I'm flipping channels and it happens to be on I'm staying put for awhile.Great cast,story a Leone masterpiece IMO.
Simply Red 08:43 AM 09-03-2019
Inland Empire
One Flew Over
The Funhouse
The Exorcist III
Mulholland Drive
The Care Bear Movie
banecat 09:41 AM 09-03-2019
Fight Club
Bronx Tale
The Shining
Blade Runner
Blade Runner 2049
The Dark Knight
Nzoner 09:46 AM 09-03-2019
Originally Posted by banecat:
Cannot believe I forgot that one :-)
Rausch 09:47 AM 09-03-2019
Devil's Candy
Office Space
Vanilla Sky
Fight Club
Return Of The Living Dead (2nd best Horror/Comedy of all time)
The Matrix
Cool Hand Luke
Strange Days (all star cast and great SCI-FI flick)
banecat 09:49 AM 09-03-2019
Originally Posted by Nzoner:
Cannot believe I forgot that one :-)
It's between that and Goodfellas for the top of my all time list
Buehler445 10:25 AM 09-03-2019
I can't believe no one said pornhub.
DeepPurple 10:27 AM 09-03-2019
Chinatown. I bought an RCA Video Disc player in 1980 and they only had about a dozen movies available at the time. Chinatown was one of them, in 1975 it had won Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Director. For the $25 purchase, I got my money's worth, I watched it so many times I lost count on the video player. It's on my DVR right now and it's my favorite all-time movie.

Heaven Can Wait 1978 film was a remake of a 1941 film called Here Comes Mr. Jordan. Warren Beatty rewrote the screenplay along with Elaine May and co-directed with Buck Henry and turned out a masterpiece. Beatty plays the backup quarterback for the LA Rams and his best friend is the team trainer played by Jack Warden. The QB gets killed while training on his bike and Mr. Jordan is played by James Mason, who is an angel and puts the QB in a body of a multi-millionaire. It's got everything, a love story, sports, comedy, Charles Grodin and Dylan Cannon are great in supporting roles. It won best picture and best actor and is on my DVR right now.

Network 1976 film starts out with just a regular news anchor named Howard Beale played by Peter Finch, who ironically died before he could accept his Best Actor Oscar. One day he goes off the deep end has a nervous breakdown on the air live. He tells everyone his famous quote, "I'm Mad as Hell, and I'm Not Going to Take it Anymore". Rightaway his boss played by William Holden, wants to take him off the air. Faye Dunaway, who is in programming sees it as a goldmine, and convinces the higher ups to make it into a show. He becomes the hit of the network. It a great dark comedy. It won 4 Oscars and it's on my DVR right now.

One Flew Over the Nest, that title is missing an important word, but this website will not allow me to write it. It's a 1975 film starring Jack Nocholson as a mental patient. The entire movie takes place inside a mental ward run by Nurse Racheted, played by Louise Fletcher. It's a movie that will pull you in and you really start to care about the patients. It's a winner of 5 Oscars. That's a young Danny Devito in the middle.

Sideways, a 2004 buddy film starring Thomas Hayden Church and Paul Giamatti taking a memorable trip through the wine country of California before Church gets hitched. Giamatti thinks they'e going to just drink a little wine, play a little golf and hang out at the pool. Church's character only thought is to get laid as many times as possible. I've seen this one at least 30 times.

12 Angry Men, after an opening courtroom scene, the entire film takes place in jury room. 12 men must decide the fate of a young minority charged with murder. The first vote is 11-1 guilty with Henry Fonda as the only holdout. The rest of the film is the jury, which includes Lee J. Cobb, Jack Warden and Martin Balsam to name a few, slowly going over the evidence. I've seen this one so many times, I've got it memorized.

Sunset Blvd a 1950 Black & White film starring William Holden as a struggling movie writer who's down on his luck and is about to have his car repossessed. As he being chased through Hollywood, he pulls into the driveway of what he thinks is an old abandoned mansion. It turns out to be the home of famed silent actress Norma Desmond, played by Gloria Swanson. She thinks he's there to take her deceased pet monkey for a funeral. He ends up staying because he thinks he can get over on the old lady, and she thinks he's her future lover. I don't have this one recorded right now, I'm on the lookout for it again. Here's Norma Desmond performing her final scene, a murder scene.

Vertigo, a 1958 Alfred Hitchcock film picked in a recent British poll as the best film ever replacing Citizen Kane. Usually Jimmy Stewart in a film makes it a little corny, with this exception of Rear Window and his movie. A man obsessed with a beautiful woman played by Kim Novak, who is taken away from him. He finds again, but is it really her. I can watch this movie over and over.

Amadeus, a 1984 film about composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The scenery, the costumes, the casting, the characters and the music are superb. Even if you're not a classical fan, if you have a great surround sound, this will make you a fan. The movie is told through the eyes of his biggest antagonist played by F. Murray Abraham, who won an Oscar, the film won a total of 8 Oscars. I've seen this only about a dozen times, and it's still very watchable. Jeffrey Jones from Ferris Bueller plays the king, and he's very funny, and Tom Hulce plays Mozart and Elizabeth Berridge plays his wife, and she is hot!

Dog Day Afternoon, 1975 film about a true story of a bank robbery in Brooklyn gone bad. It's stars Al Pacino and his sidekick play by John Cazale. Oddly Cazale was only in 5 movies before he died of cancer, they were The Godfather, The Godfather Part II, The Deer Hunter, The Conversation and Dog Day Afternoon. The police detective who does the negotiating is played by the late Charles Durning, those scenes you will never forget. It was directed by Sydney Lumet and won Best Picture, Best Actor and Best Screenplay. This is on my DVR right now.

stumppy 10:44 AM 09-03-2019
Originally Posted by Buehler445:
I can't believe no one said pornhub.
Save that for the "24 seconds of Movies"