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Mephistopheles Janx 03:06 PM 11-06-2020
I just picked up a new monitor (34" Ultra Wide 1440p 144MHz 1500R Curve Samsung Panel -VA) to replace my 3 monitor setup (24" ASUS 1080p). Now I need a new video card to drive the monitor.

My current rig is:

Intel Core i-7 4770k Processor
32GB DDR3 Memory
Gigabyte Z97MX-Gaming 5 Motherboard
Radeon RX 570 Video Card

This card is going to struggle to push anything more than low to medium graphics on games with this new monitor. Where I'm torn is the cost of new video cards.

If I'm looking hard enough, I can stumble across an open box 5600 for $200 or $230 new. A 5700 for $320 (open box) or $350 new. But at that point... why would I just not drop another $100 for the 6700 at $449?

Ultimately... that makes the 5700 a non player and I'm left choosing between a 5600 at $230 or a 6700 at $450. I'd rather not spend an extra $220 but I feel like the 6700 would probably be the last video card my current build sees.

Then what about the 20x series by nVidia? By paying a touch more I get Ray Tracing which is cool but I'm not paying for a 2080, for what I would pay for a 2070 I may as well snag one of the new AMD cards. A 2060 is going for $320 new... I don't know that Ray Tracing is worth nearly $100.

Better yet... do any of you fellow nerds have an itch to update and want to sell me their 5k/20x series cards?
vailpass 10:46 PM 01-22-2021
Originally Posted by TambaBerry:
That Rick and Morty picture is awesome
I like it too. Itís a Run the Jewels theme. Got it from here, itís on canvas and comes in different sizes. They did a good job and delivery was prompt especially considering they are in Canada.
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