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The Lounge>****OFFICIAL NBA Regular Season Thread****
dirk digler 10:59 AM 12-25-2011
Let's get it on... finally
MIAdragon 09:48 PM 01-04-2012
Originally Posted by SNR:
Eesh. Just an all around bad game for Indiana. They were doing so well, too.
it was a god damn abortion. I cant stand the POS bandwagon Heat "fans".
KevB 10:32 PM 01-04-2012
Steph Curry twisted his ankle.....AGAIN. I can't believe I was dumb enough to draft that guy again. Too bad, because he and Monta in the same backcourt is fun to watch.
Chiefs Pantalones 10:39 PM 01-04-2012
Dominating win tonight vs. the Pistons. Boozer has been surprisingly decent during this little 5 game win streak. I'm still pissed over last year.
DaKCMan AP 06:59 PM 01-05-2012
No Wade & No Lebron tonight @ Atlanta. Fuck.

I'm sure TNT is pissed as fuck too.
DaKCMan AP 07:41 PM 01-05-2012
Miami hanging tough and killing Atlanta on the boards and in the paint.

Miami 22
Atlanta 19

End of 1
DaKCMan AP 09:13 PM 01-05-2012
Heat get a nice lead in the 3rd qtr then Bosh gets in foul trouble and they go on a big drought. Atlanta scores 16 of last 17 pts in the quarter.

Miami 68
Atlanta 70

End of 3
okcchief 09:25 PM 01-05-2012
Originally Posted by SNR:
Where does Harden fit in, though? Who's starting above him right now?

From what I saw in the playoffs last year and in two Thunder games this year (1st Mavs game and Minnesota) he's a consistent beast that needs to see the court more. I assume Durant is playing the 3 so they can free up the guards, yeah?
They bring him off the bench to provide a scoring punch when the sit down Durant. He plays starter minutes though. He's clearly the second best player on the team right now.
RustShack 09:27 PM 01-05-2012
Kyrie Irving and Tristan Thompson are both going to be studs.
chuxtrux 09:33 PM 01-05-2012
I could see the Cavs sneaking into the playoffs as a 8 seed with Irving playing so well.
RustShack 09:36 PM 01-05-2012
Originally Posted by chuxtrux:
I could see the Cavs sneaking into the playoffs as a 8 seed with Irving playing so well.
I really hope they can sneak into the playoffs with a rookie leading the show. I think they will make some noise in the offseason next year picking up some players though so I'm pretty excited for their future again.
Pitt Gorilla 09:42 PM 01-05-2012
Hide yo children, etc, TMac is doing work.
DaKCMan AP 09:55 PM 01-05-2012
Holy shit. Bosh hits a 3 with 0.6secs left to tie the game.
okcchief 09:56 PM 01-05-2012
The East is weak after the first few teams so nothing is a surprise after that.
okcchief 09:56 PM 01-05-2012
Barkley and Miller have no filter. It's great lol
okcchief 09:59 PM 01-05-2012
Isn't Atlanta the team that beat Miami? Did Wade play that game?
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