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The Lounge>****OFFICIAL NBA Regular Season Thread****
dirk digler 10:59 AM 12-25-2011
Let's get it on... finally
Urc Burry 10:44 PM 12-27-2011
What a steal N. Cole was.

And I only saw the highlights of last game but Ricky Rubio can pass the rock! Wow I didn't see him panning out
CoMoChief 12:04 AM 12-28-2011
Lol..just had a Quin Snyder sighting on the Lakers bench.
Buck 08:10 PM 12-28-2011
Bobcats hanging tough with the Heat.

Its' 82-80 Miami with 5 min left in the 4th.
Buck 08:12 PM 12-28-2011
Chris Bosh just posterized Diaw.
Al Bundy 08:13 PM 12-28-2011
I really hate Bosh, he looks like a bitch.
Al Bundy 08:14 PM 12-28-2011
and I think it was DJ White that dunked on.
Buck 08:17 PM 12-28-2011
Originally Posted by UCF Knight:
and I think it was DJ White that dunked on.
Nope, Boris Diaw.
Buck 08:24 PM 12-28-2011
Bobcats up 1 with 12 seconds to go, Heat inbounding.
Al Bundy 08:25 PM 12-28-2011
Ohh I thought it was Diaw that got shook heading towards the lane.
Buck 08:26 PM 12-28-2011
Heat up 1 with 2.9 seconds left, Bobcats inbounding.
Buck 08:27 PM 12-28-2011
Heat win.

Wow good game.
Al Bundy 08:28 PM 12-28-2011
Damn... what a game. I still hate the Heat all of the bandwagon Heat fans make me ill.
Al Bundy 09:40 PM 12-28-2011
OKC-Memphis turning into a good game down the stretch.
KevB 10:02 PM 12-28-2011
Denver is just whipping Utah, my gosh. Utah getting run out of the gym two straight nights.
Al Bundy 07:10 AM 12-29-2011
The second half for the Warriors was awesome last night. Brandon Rush had a very good second half.
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