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Washington DC and The Holy Land>More Trump Corruption: Air Force Visits to Trump's scotland resort
RodeoPants2 02:01 PM 09-07-2019
The amount of money trump is fueling from the taxpayers to his businesses is staggering. I don't know why anyone believed him (about anything really) when he promised to drain the swamp, but he's the swampiest swamp creature in history.

Originally Posted by :
In early Spring of this year, an Air National Guard crew made a routine trip from the U.S. to Kuwait to deliver supplies.

What wasn’t routine was where the crew stopped along the way: President Donald Trump’s Turnberry resort, about 50 miles outside Glasgow, Scotland.

Since April, the House Oversight Committee has been investigating why the crew on the C-17 military transport plane made the unusual stay — both en route to the Middle East and on the way back — at the luxury waterside resort, according to several people familiar with the incident. But they have yet to receive any answers from the Pentagon.

The inquiry is part of a broader, previously unreported probe into U.S. military expenditures at and around the Trump property in Scotland. According to a letter the panel sent to the Pentagon in June, the military has spent $11 million on fuel at the Prestwick Airport — the closest airport to Trump Turnberry — since October 2017, fuel that would be cheaper if purchased at a U.S. military base. The letter also cites a Guardian report that the airport provided cut-rate rooms and free rounds of golf at Turnberry for U.S. military members.

Merde Furieux 09:01 AM 09-11-2019
Originally Posted by Donger:
Logic and reason are creepy, weird and cult-like to you. Interesting.
You go and roll with that, interrogator.
stevieray 06:16 AM 09-13-2019
Originally Posted by Merde Furieux:
He has a pathological delusion he is an arbiter of everyone else's personal integrity. It's cult behavior.'s arrogance.
GloryDayz 06:27 AM 09-13-2019
I've reviewed all the evidence and I'm ruling in favor of the military staying at high quality resorts whenever possible.
BucEyedPea 07:59 AM 09-13-2019
Originally Posted by EmojiMania:
LOL. Marcellus thinks POTUS is getting a raw deal by donating his $400k salary while Republican groups spend millions of dollars at his D.C. hotel alone. I guess that's the kind of brilliant logic a Midwestern education gets you :-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-)
We've been through this before, Trump donates those profits back to the US Treasury too. You keep lying through omission.
BucEyedPea 08:24 AM 09-13-2019
It's the foreign profits from his hotels that get donated.

However, Trump handed over control to his business to his sons before taking office. It's a family-owned business, but his sons are not the president either. Last I read, since Trump has become president he's lost billions. This is a campaign year, and those are private entities spending at his hotels. There are people out there who hate him. Even Ivanka's business was hurt — intentionally by Trump haters during the election season. Also, I remember, Macys refusal to carry Trump products.
GloryDayz 08:25 AM 09-13-2019
Originally Posted by EmojiMania:
LOL. Marcellus thinks POTUS is getting a raw deal by donating his $400k salary while Republican groups spend millions of dollars at his D.C. hotel alone. I guess that's the kind of brilliant logic a Midwestern education gets you :-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-)
Where did you go to school?

Here, let me help you find a school you're about to lie about having graduated from, click here...
BucEyedPea 08:33 AM 09-13-2019
Donald Trump Lost Big Money While President for Second Straight Year, Report Says
Trump has lost $1 billion in personal wealth since running for president

Some wealthy patrons are steering clear of Trump properties, saying the country club experience is now ruined "by metal detectors and bomb-sniffing dogs."...

The presidency has been bad for Donald Trump's finances, with his personal net worth falling from $4.5 billion to $3.1 billion over the past two years, according to the latest Forbes billionaires list.

Trump dropped 138 spots to 259 on the Forbes 400, an annual measure of the richest people in the U.S. During that same period, Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos rose to the top spot, with an estimated fortune 52 times greater than that of the president, at $160 billion.

Forbes attributed the decline of Trump's fortune to three main factors: e-commerce eating into the value of Trump's real estate holdings, the intrusion of heightened security at Trump's resorts, and Trump's own over-reporting of the size of his penthouse.

"Much as he's trying — and he's definitely trying — Donald Trump is not getting richer off the presidency," according to Forbes.
USA Today
'I've lost billions of dollars' since becoming president, Trump says
You lefties were cheering such losses earlier. These aren't pro-Trump sources and they reported on this before.
BucEyedPea 08:48 AM 09-13-2019
It's all about narratives when we hear this stuff—narratives that omit other vital information. Not saying Congress shouldn't look into it but there's more to the story. | By Oriana Pawlyk

The U.S. Air Force is defending an aircrew's decision earlier this year to make a scheduled stop in Scotland and stay at a luxury resort owned by President Donald Trump.

The seven-member crew of a C-17 Globemaster III flying to Kuwait followed all proper procedures and protocols when they stopped at Glasgow's Prestwick Airport and when they booked their stay at Trump's Turnberry resort for a mission in March, the Air Force's top spokesperson told on Saturday...

"The stopover of a U.S. Air Force C-17 in Glasgow, Scotland, is not unusual," Brig Gen. Ed Thomas said in an email.

"Every two-and-a-half minutes an Air Force transport aircraft takes off or lands somewhere around the globe. As our aircrews serve on these international airlift missions, they follow strict guidelines on contracting for hotel accommodations and all expenditures of taxpayer dollars. In this case, they made reservations through the Defense Travel System and used the closest available and least expensive accommodations to the airfield within the crews' allowable hotel rates."..

The official, who was not aware of the specific allegations, also said that the mid-level officers or senior enlisted airmen commonly responsible for identifying lodging for the personnel are notoriously frugal and try to stay where their government allowance covers the costs.

There are more than two dozen hotels in and around Prestwick, but the Air Force said Trump Turnberry was the cheapest option available at the time and below the per diem allowance.

"The Trump property -- at $136 a night -- was less expensive than the Marriott property -- $161 a night -- and both were under the per diem rate of $166," Thomas said.

Thomas said the crew, consisting of seven active-duty and Guard crewmembers from Alaska, stayed at Turnberry when en route to Kuwait, "but it doesn't appear the Trump property was used on the return leg."

BucEyedPea 08:52 AM 09-13-2019
Originally Posted by Just Passin' By:
Come on. There's got to be a mod willing to put a stop to the thread starting of these ****ing clowns.
That's called censorship. Don't do it. Especially when it's being done to the Right online by Big Tech. Refute him or ignore him. I ignore him most of the time.
BucEyedPea 08:54 AM 09-13-2019
Originally Posted by Megatron96:
Every American President since Reagan (if not before), Republican or Democrat has done something similar to this incident. This is not a thing.
He had a whole team of lawyers separating his business from him before he took office. Already, one case on this sort of thing was tossed out of court by a judge. So there's all that.
alpha_omega 02:58 PM 09-13-2019
Air Force deal to refuel near Trump’s Scottish resort reportedly signed under Obama

Originally Posted by :
The controversial arrangement by the U.S. Air Force to refuel at a Scottish airport near President Trump’s Turnberry golf resort apparently was signed under the Obama administration, according to multiple reports.

The details emerged as the Air Force was called to explain a March stopover in the Scottish resort -- with Democrats on the House Oversight Committee writing to Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan as part of their investigation into alleged conflicts of interest by the president. The twist revealing that the airport deal predates his administration could boost Trump's case.

Politico, which was among the outlets to publish stories this week examining the relationship between the Air Force and the resort, reported that the Air Force crews stayed at Trump’s Scottish resort up to 40 times since 2015.

It also reported that the contract with the Prestwick Airport was in fact signed during the Obama administration. The Washington Post also reported that the airport was sending visiting crews to Trump’s course before he ran for president.

The Air Force said in a statement that relatively few crews stayed at Trump Turnberry between 2015 and 2019.

“We reviewed the vast majority of the 659 overnight stays of Air Force crews in the vicinity at Glasgow Prestwick Airport between 2015 and 2019. Approximately six percent of those crews stayed at the Trump Turnberry,” the statement from an Air Force official said. “As a practice, we generally send aircrews to the closest, most suitable accommodations within the government hotel rate. The review also indicated that about 75 percent of the crews stayed in the immediate vicinity of the airfield and 18 percent stayed in Glasgow.”

The Post noted that no evidence has emerged to show Trump did anything to alter the existing arrangement since entering office. The New York Times, meanwhile, found that the deal involved the Air Force paying a discounted rate of as little as $130 a night, compared with a typical rate of more than $300 a night. It was one of 13 hotels booked by the airport, and is approximately 40 minutes away from the airport.

Trump has dismissed criticism on the issue, saying he had “nothing to do” with the stops.

“I know nothing about an Air Force plane landing at an airport (which I do not own and have nothing to do with) near Turnberry Resort (which I do own) in Scotland, and filling up with fuel, with the crew staying overnight at Turnberry (they have good taste!). NOTHING TO DO WITH ME,” Trump tweeted on Monday.

Still, Trump continues to face concerns about other government functions at his properties, including the pitch to hold the next G-7 meeting at his Doral resort in Florida.Democrats have indicated they are zeroing in on the administration’s use of Trump Organization properties, which they claim violates the Emoluments Clause and could feed their case for impeachment.

Last week, Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y., penned a letter to White House Counsel Pat Cipollone and Secret Service Director James Murray seeking information about Trump’s “apparent promotion and solicitation of foreign and U.S. government business at Trump Organization owned or affiliated properties.”

BucEyedPea 04:46 PM 09-13-2019
:-) Good Find alpha!
Donger 04:51 PM 09-13-2019
Originally Posted by alpha_omega:
Air Force deal to refuel near Trump’s Scottish resort reportedly signed under Obama
That was already known.
Megatron96 05:05 PM 09-13-2019
Former Air Force pilot explains the truth behind the headlines concerning Trump's stopover in England:

"As a pilot in the Air Guard and veteran of the United States Air Force, I am quite familiar with Department of Defense travel guidelines, so let me set this record straight.

When aircrews need to stay overnight somewhere, the location is generally based on mission requirements and government fuel contract availability. In many cases, that location comes down from Scott Air Force Base in a planning cell called the Tactical Air Control Center (TACC).

If a crew is given the option of picking an overnight location, there are strict guidelines as to where that location can be, like taking into account fuel availability and crew rest times among a host of other variables. This also sheds light on why an entire cell of the military is dedicated to planning such logistics.

Another fun fact is that European cities have “quiet hours,” which limits the timeframes for when a jet like a C-17 or KC-135 can depart or arrive, thus limiting options available to our aircrew members even further.

Aircrew members are given a per diem for expenses and quite honestly, they have the right to pick any location and food choices that will honor their allocated amount. Per diem sums cover the cost of the hotel room and a spending allowance on site.

Many questions go into making the decision on where to stay during a mission and many times these decisions are made by the aircrew or planning cell based on availability, and it is absolutely their right to do so.

It’s not a scandal for aircrews to stay at a nice hotel like the Trump Turnberry. And it’s not unethical so long as they honor the government rate, which is not always a given because as a private company, they can choose to honor it or not.

For everyone still spinning up over this story, I have a spoiler alert: not everyone in an aircrew will be happy with every accommodation, whether it’s a Trump hotel or a cheap motel down the road.

I preferred the nicer places during my time in the Air Force, but some I flew with preferred to pocket the extra money.

It’s a choice, and it’s that of our service members to make – not the firing squads on Twitter. And this choice is in the regulation written by our Department of Defense."

As I said before, this is not a thing.
Donger 05:12 PM 09-13-2019
This is a thing, no?

Air Force stops at Glasgow Prestwick rose from 180 in 2017 to 257 in 2018 and 259 already in 2019
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