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The Lounge>Why does Dan Fouts hate the Chiefs?
Hammock Parties 06:38 PM 12-02-2018
Constantly talked down Mahomes. This play should have been picked! He got bailed out on this other play!

First FIVE FUCKING PLAYS he insisted the Raiders weren't holding on a play that called back right after he was determined to point out that Ron Parker had hit someone head to head and it wasn't called.

What else did I miss?

He's an insufferable jackass and today was the final straw for me. He's officially an enemy of the state of Missouri after this garbage.
greg63 06:32 PM 12-03-2018
Dan who?...
Red Dawg 06:56 PM 12-03-2018
Fouts is a damn idiot and the league is still hell bent on getting Brady back in the SB. Refs never ever call penalties fair when they are at home. Never!
notorious 06:58 PM 12-03-2018
Damn Fouts?
Hammock Parties 07:01 PM 12-03-2018
Originally Posted by notorious:
Damn Fouts?
Pam Fouts

Dan Gout
Chiefshrink 07:05 PM 12-03-2018
Originally Posted by eDave:
Pure jealousy. The entire league has it.
Yep. I even sense that Kurt Warner is jealous every time he is asked about Mahomes.
Chiefshrink 07:08 PM 12-03-2018
Originally Posted by gblowfish:
Fouts looks down on KC because when he played, we were dogshit.
I agree thoroughly on this point.

He has always had a condescending attitude towards the Chiefs since the beginning of his broadcast days.:-)
KChiefs1 07:54 PM 12-03-2018
Originally Posted by Chiefshrink:
Yep. I even sense that Kurt Warner is jealous every time he is asked about Mahomes.


He has a hard time saying how great he is.
RealSNR 10:02 PM 12-03-2018
Dan Farts!!!
RealSNR 10:04 PM 12-03-2018
Check it out Iím Chris Berman!

ďLetís go to Dan Iíve been having nastyass Fouts of diarrhea!!Ē
007 11:04 PM 12-03-2018
Originally Posted by HemiEd:
Exactly and some say the Chiefs are going to start getting favorable calls due to him. So far it isn't happening.
Yep, so far I haven't seen any QB protection from the refs that Rodgers, Brady, Ben get.
jackkked 02:29 PM 09-19-2019

Baltimore @ Kansas City
Ian Eagle, Dan Fouts

NY Jets @ New England
Kevin Harlan, Rich Gannon

Atlanta @ Indianapolis
Andrew Catalon, James Lofton

Cincinnati @ Buffalo
Tom McCarthy, Jay Feely
Hammock Parties 02:31 PM 09-19-2019
ugh - we should have gotten the A-Team for this week

Ian Eagle and Dan Fouts suck ass
BryanBusby 02:32 PM 09-19-2019
Fuck Dan Fouts with a rusty spork
smithandrew051 02:33 PM 09-19-2019
Fouts hates that Mahomes is already the best QB that the AFC West has ever seen.

Maybe second best to Manning as of right now. That will change though.
gblowfish 02:34 PM 09-19-2019
Fouts hates us because of Art Still, Gary Spani, Gary Green and Dino Hackett. That's why he hates us.
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