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Washington DC and The Holy Land>Barr tells Trump to lay off the tweets
Bob Dole 03:56 PM 02-13-2020
Finally someone with some stones..

i'll have to find an actual link.
HemiEd 06:08 AM 02-19-2020
Originally Posted by Chief Northman:
HemiEd 06:12 AM 02-19-2020
Originally Posted by Titty Meat:
Notice the Trumpers never hold him accountable. Its cool to like him but I promise he's human and this is 1 example where its ok to admit he overstepped his bounds.
But he didn't!

Article 2:3 "he shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed..."

Did you see the title of that page in your link? It's called the Executive Branch. The Constitution link is titled Executive Branch.

Who heads that entire branch now? The President.

The AG is chief law enforcement in a certain sense, it's his job to handle legal cases, but that job still exists within the executive branch, over which the President is senior.
A president can't handle every function daily, it has to be delegated. He is still in charge and he is still the AG's boss.

That makes a sitting president the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of this country.

From BEP's post above.
GloryDayz 06:50 AM 02-19-2020
Originally Posted by Chief Northman:
GloryDayz 06:56 AM 02-19-2020
Originally Posted by Chief Northman:

Trumpís tweets about the Stone trial and the pardons today are his trial balloon.

Heís fed up of the shenanigans: Clinton, Comey, Mueller, McCabe skating while Flynn, Manafort and Stone get railroaded (they ainít all innocent, but the bias against them is in plain sight).

If Barr makes no headway with the spying on the Trump campaign, Trump will continue tweeting and weighing in. Durham will be on notice too. It is not a pretty tactic, but it is a way to weed out the ass-covering Swampers.
I suspect President Trump will do what he always does. We'll see.
GloryDayz 06:59 AM 02-19-2020
Originally Posted by BanHam:
These things take time:
Perhaps it should take just a little longer than it took to shaft Flynn and Stone? Seriously, we know they take time, but it shouldn't be take this long.
CoMoChief 07:25 AM 02-19-2020
Gowdy is nothing more than a TV camera hoarding grandstanding do-nothing republican.

Tired of these types in DC.

No backbone whatsoever.
BucEyedPea 08:09 AM 02-19-2020
Originally Posted by Pogue:
Disagree, he was unaware up to a certain point that they overcharged Stone, letting McCabe walk for crimes the average Joe will get prison time.

If he was on top of things, he wouldnít have issues with the President. He did his job, got the mueller investigation wrapped up nicely and quickly.

I donít care if he resigns at this point.
Notice how the Mueller investigation wrapped up quickly once Barr was on the scene? Mueller and Barr a good friends with each other and Barr told Mueller that "he", meaning Trump, already has "everything on everybody." Shortly after the Mueller investigation ended.

Everything is in the database on all of them as it's been collected and has now worked against those who creating those files.
BucEyedPea 08:23 AM 02-19-2020
Originally Posted by Chief Northman:
He’s fed up of the shenanigans: Clinton, Comey, Mueller, McCabe skating while Flynn, Manafort and Stone get railroaded (they ain’t all innocent, but the bias against them is in plain sight).

I think Stone is innocent. Not even Fox is reporting his case accurately when they say he's guilty, but just doesn't deserve the time that was recommended.

Manafort did commit some crimes.

However, Tony Podesta did the same things that Manafort got nailed on. In fact Manafort worked with Podesta's lobby firm. Podesta stepped down from his lobbying firm after it was found to be in violation of the Foreign Agents Registration Act. The Black Ledger used against Manafort, that led to his removal from Trump's campaign was a fake document. I suspect this is where Alexandra Chalupa was involved.

There is a lot more to know about all this stuff. We've only seen what's been for public show to make the Demonrats look innocent and Trump & Company dirty--when he is cleaner. And of course, it all traces back to Hilldawg. Even the Bloomberg op traces back to her to enter in a brokered convention, I suspect.
BucEyedPea 08:27 AM 02-19-2020
Originally Posted by Just Passin' By:
Laura Ingraham was going on about this just a little while ago. She was taking Barr's side of things, and talking about how qualified he is, and how he needs to be allowed to fix the DOJ, so Trump, even though he has the authority to do what he's done, needs to stop doing it. Now, she may have a point, or not, but it does beg the question (even skipping over things like the McCabe non-charging):

If Barr's so capable of doing the job, and is so on top of things, how the hell is it that he hadn't gotten rid of the Mueller attorneys? It's not as if that shouldn't have been at the top of the "To Do" list.
I saw her saying that. What I got out of it, was what I had said before using different words than the following: It's one thing to have the Constitutional right to do something; it's another thing if it is wise, prudent or not-- such as when something is under investigation.

Even Laura said it wasn't wise to talk about cases that are under investigation as it gets perceived as un-due influence. I would add, in the political environment that Trump is under, and post impeachment, Trump would show some restraint here. Particularly, since Barr already was questioning Stone's sentencing being too harsh.

That being said, I don't trust Barr. Especially, since he decided Epstein suicided himself.
Donger 08:37 AM 02-19-2020
LiveSteam 01:20 PM 02-19-2020
Originally Posted by patteeu:
Iím with Ingraham on this.
Im gonna stick with Sundance. Either shit or get off the pot.
AG Ratcliffe would clean house.
LiveSteam 01:21 PM 02-19-2020
Originally Posted by Donger:
Afternoon Fraud.
Sorry 01:43 PM 02-19-2020
Originally Posted by IowaHawkeyeChief:
Damn news breaking, conservative turning a blind eye and everything negative is wrong.
Chief Northman 03:15 PM 02-19-2020
Assange will be the one to pull back the curtain .... if he lives long enough.

BEP is correct about Epstein: Swamp coverup - both sides of the aisle would have been exposed if he testified.
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