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The Marty Lounge>Veach's '21 Offseason Plan to Keep Us Thriving: Let's speculate
Dante84 10:03 AM 02-08-2021
In order to prevent us wasting precious years of Patrick Mahomes' career, Veach needs to work some magic this offseason. What's your advice for him?
staylor26 12:09 PM Today
Originally Posted by The Franchise:
James Hudson in round 2 and David Moore in round 4.
Yea, you don’t necessarily have to find your C on day 2. I’d be more than happy to go:

1. DE
2. OT
3. WR/LB
4. C/G
4. WR/LB

That extra 4 might come in handy if we find ourselves wanting to trade up at the start of day 3.
Easy 6 12:11 PM Today
Originally Posted by Detoxing:
I am for......anything really. I don't have a passionate pick in this fight yet.

Trade up for OL? Im good with that. Stand pat for a DE? Sounds like a plan. Throw more weapons at Mahomes? COOL! A boss-ass LB? SURE!

We have a QB. Everything else is just gravy.
You're speaking my language
Chris Meck 12:14 PM Today
Originally Posted by htismaqe:
I agree.

I think a lot of people are going to be disappointed come May that they "didn't do enough" for the offensive line.

I expect a fairly high profile FA signing and maybe some depth / scrub signings, as well as one high-isn pick (maybe 2nd round) and one later.

Overall, I expect we'll get ONE starter out of the whole process (the one high profile FA) and people are going to be upset that they've pencilled in Fisher and Schwartz to start the season.
man, that's a LOT to address the offensive line. I would've been happy with that before Veach reported that he expected both Fisher and Schwartz back. As it stands, I'd be thrilled.
duncan_idaho 12:15 PM Today
I wouldn't HATE a small move-up to grab Jenkens or Jalen Mayfield, both of whom are versatile enough to play G if both Fisher and Schwartz can play and both with enough upside and potential to handle LT.

It would be an understandable pick. It would be a defensible choice.

I think the only thing I wouldn't get, given all their needs, is the idea of taking a LB at 31 or even taking a LB in the top 2 rounds. DE, OT, C, WR, and CB all slot up as more critical needs.
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