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The Lounge>Any Bourbon drinkers out there?
The Poz 01:04 PM 06-19-2008
I've heard some good things about Buffalo Trace Bourbon.

Can't get it up here north of the border but, through a wine distributer I am able to order a case. Would like to hear from someone who knows their stuff and has tried it before I order.

frozenchief 05:17 PM 10-07-2020
Originally Posted by cooper barrett:
Tell me that it lives up to this review

then read this review of what I drank over the weekend

Think ones worth $15-20 buck more than the other?

To me. Devil's a great whiskey... if not trying to impress someone, wouldn't buy it at retail price point.
I haven't seen Devil's River in my neck of the woods. Based upon what you've posted, I will definitely pick up a bottle if I do see it.

As far as worth, that's really up to the consumer. In my neck of the woods, Wild Turkey 101 and Jim Beam and other bourbon is usually about $27-30 a bottle. Buffalo Trace is usually about $35, sometimes less on sale. Knob Creek little less, maybe $31-33. Shipping and taxes play a big part in the price so until I see it up here, I have no idea what the price is. Wouldn't surprise me to see it around $30 a bottle generally but until I taste it, I have no idea which I prefer. And if I do prefer the Woodinville, do I prefer it at the cost? No idea.

I just bought the bottle of Woodinville and really liked it. Haven't seen it too many places so I just figured I would let people know what I thought about it so that if someone on this board sees it they can say, "I've heard about that and I know one guy likes it. Maybe I'll give it a try." That's all.
cooper barrett 06:20 PM 10-07-2020
nice to what at $70 a 750????

Originally Posted by A8bil:
+1 on Woodinville. Try their cask strength. It's

really a nice whiskey in my view.

Titty Meat 04:19 PM 10-10-2020

Interesting. Still not paying $150 tho
cooper barrett 01:51 AM 10-11-2020
They can keep it at the prices. I see on line for the US ($195)

IMHO It's not selling overseas so there selling it here:-)
In the end of Sept the AU$$ was down so it's less than $120US retail in Au.
Shipping from Au is impossible, anyone traveling?

Originally Posted by Titty Meat:

Interesting. Still not paying $150 tho

Titty Meat 09:28 PM 10-26-2020
Has anyone ever had Mitchers? The guys at the liquor store highly recommended it. Also saw they had Makers 101 curious how that is as well.
cooper barrett 10:12 PM 10-26-2020
Had the Makers, It's my style but when I had it, I thought it was overpriced. The price looks better but still $40

I wanna try this: about 2X $$$$$$

If Mitcher's is so good why doesn't it ever have a hole when I go to shop
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