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Washington DC and The Holy Land>Warren warns of ‘coming economic crash’
oaklandhater 12:58 PM 07-22-2019

Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Monday predicted an imminent economic crisis unless the Trump administration and Congress quickly pass legislation to regulate the financial sector and significantly reduce middle class household debt.

“Warning lights are flashing. Whether it’s this year or next year, the odds of another economic downturn are high — and growing,” Warren (D-Mass.) wrote in a Medium post entitled "The Coming Economic Crash--And How to Stop It."

right after we have a R president we have a nice big recession it's like fucking clockwork at this point.
headsnap 08:46 PM 07-22-2019
Originally Posted by Chiefshrink:
Well, cos. knew in 08 Barry was going to win and started laying off thousands a couple of months before the election only to layoff even more several months after the election. I still believe the 08 financial crisis was manufactured to some degree IMHO just to ensure victory for the Dems.
the economy started tanking not long after then Dems took over congress in 2006.
petegz28 08:48 PM 07-22-2019
Originally Posted by BucEyedPea:
The next correction will make 2008 look like a picnic according the real fiscal conservatives that I read.
Really? By next correction you mean when?

I'll give you a hint...every person says "the next correction will be the big one..."

we just had a correction in Q4 of 2018 and here we are at new highs....
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