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The Lounge>Listen, people. We need to have a talk about a Chiefs name change at some point.
Rain Man 11:59 AM 06-29-2020
I think the odds are low of a name change, but given the current state of affairs it's a non-zero possibility. And if we don't have input, the name will end up being some trite adjective in front of the word Hawks, which has happened with pretty much every other sports name change in America. Green Hawks, Fighting Hawks, Screeching Hawks, whatever. We don't want that.

I suspect that some members of Chiefs management read this site occasionally to get our takes on who should be starting at left guard or how they should handle a particular contract, so this is our chance to have input into the process. (Oh, and hi, Clark. Nice work last year, my friend. PM me about getting together for dinner next time you're in Denver.)

So we'll have a renaming tournament. In this thread, you may propose up to three names, and I'll structure everyone's suggestions into heats. Using the Chiefsplanet brain trust, we'll give Clark and his team valuable input into what the Chiefs should become if we eventually delete our homage to indigenous plains cultures.
SuperChief 01:38 PM 06-29-2020
Kansas City Choppers
Kansas City Tornadoes
Kansas City Slabs
AndChiefs 01:40 PM 06-29-2020
Fighting banana slugs
DJ's left nut 01:45 PM 06-29-2020
Originally Posted by kepp:
The Kansas City "Human Beings"

srvy 01:46 PM 06-29-2020
Originally Posted by Rain Man:
Apparently there was a short-lived NFL team in Kansas City in 1924 called the Kansas City Blues. We could take that name and keep the red jerseys just to mess with people.

The Blues later became the Kansas City Cowboys, but Cowboys is a stupid name so we won't consider that.
Yep then St Lou stole it for their stolen Hockey team and claim they are rich in blues and jazz tradition. St Lou the City of Thieves.
ptlyon 01:49 PM 06-29-2020
Kansas city Blazing Saddles
Discuss Thrower 01:51 PM 06-29-2020
Once the Redskins get renamed KC is next.

Either one of the Braves or Indians will be the first two dominoes to fall to kick it off.
Pablo 01:56 PM 06-29-2020
Kansas City Beefs. Bbq sauce colored jerseys with a white steer outline on the helmet.
GloucesterChief 01:56 PM 06-29-2020
Can still be the chiefs just turn the iconography to be European rather than Native American.

KS Smitty 01:58 PM 06-29-2020
The Kansas City Anomalies.
Graystoke 02:02 PM 06-29-2020
Rugged K
Eureka 02:02 PM 06-29-2020
Kansas City Mullets

Kansas City IROCS

Kansas City Bellies
Andoverer 02:03 PM 06-29-2020
Well if it can't be the Chiefs then I suggest it be the Cheefs. Or Cheezits?

But I do sort of like the sound of the KC Murder Hornets
KChiefs1 02:06 PM 06-29-2020
ptlyon 02:08 PM 06-29-2020
Kansas city Sybians
Sorce 02:13 PM 06-29-2020
The Kansas city strip steaks, fuck off New York you stole the cut.

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