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Washington DC and The Holy Land>KC Mayor Lucas issues mask order
wazu 04:32 PM 06-26-2020
We'll see how this plays out. Pretty tame by most national standards, and also includes them lifting the "50% capacity" limit on restaurants, which should help them out. Guess I'm pretty neutral on it but am interested to see what it stirs up.


You’ll need a mask to go out in Kansas City. Here’s what the mayor’s order says

JUNE 26, 2020 04:03 PM , UPDATED 6 MINUTES AGO

Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas announced Friday afternoon that masks will be required in public places starting from Monday, June 29. BY SHELLY YANG

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Kansas City will require the use of masks in public settings starting Monday, Mayor Quinton Lucas announced at a news conference Friday.

The move is an effort to curb the spread of COVID-19 as the area sees its highest number of daily case increases since the first cases of the virus were detected in March.

“It is a rule keeping people safe and hopefully saving lives,” Lucas said, adding, “Businesses are to refuse customers not wearing masks.”

On Thursday, the KC metro area reported 227 new coronavirus cases, a record single-day increase. Friday, 204 cases were reported in the metro, which consists of Kansas City and Jackson, Clay and Platte counties in Missouri and Johnson and Wyandotte counties in Kansas.

Lucas’ order says “all employees or visitors to any place of public accommodation must wear face coverings in an area or while performing an activity which will necessarily involve close contact or proximity to co-workers or the public where six feet of separation is not feasible.”

The order will run for two weeks. Using CARES act funding, the city will provide masks at community centers and to other social service agencies who can help with distribution.

Those exempt from the mask requirement are, according to the mayor’s office:

Also announced Friday, a previous Lucas order placing 50% capacity limits will be eliminated, except for taverns and bars. Lucas said the focus is on preventing the spread of the virus through mask usage, hand washing and maintaining social distancing.

Similar to Lucas’s orders shutting down businesses and placing restrictions on occupancy, the mask rule will be enforced by the city health department based on complaints.

“We don’t want anyone stopped on the street,” Lucas said.

Concerned employees or customers can call the city’s 311 line to report non-compliant businesses. In outdoor gatherings, the public will be encouraged, but not required to wear masks.

City health director Rex Archer said Friday that the change will be an adjustment. He said the city will not be immediately citing business who allow customers in without masks while individuals and businesses are still trying to get them.

For weeks, Kansas City has encouraged people to wear masks, and under its emergency order, it allows businesses to turn away those who don’t. Restaurant servers, bartenders, barbers and other personal service workers must wear masks when they’re with customers.

The federal Centers for Disease Control recommends the use of face coverings in public settings because a person who contracted COVID-19 but has no symptoms could still be contagious. The use of a mask, the CDC says, helps prevent those people from spreading the virus to others.

Lucas and Archer have recently indicated their support of a mask requirement.

Archer said Friday that states requiring masks have seen a 12% decrease in cases. He said Kansas City is in its second wave of the virus.

“The issue really is I can’t infect you if I’ve got a mask on, and you can’t infect me if you’ve got a mask on,” he said.

In an earlier news conference Friday morning, Lucas said he planned to meet with regional leaders to discuss a collective response to the pandemic. He said he hoped other leaders would at the very least encourage mask use among residents.

“We will take every step possible to keep people safe here. I think wearing masks is one reasonable step in that direction,” Lucas said. “We don’t live on an island in Kansas City.”

One of those regional partners joined Lucas on Friday, David Alvey, mayor and CEO of the Unified Government of Wyandotte County and Kansas City, Kansas.

Alvey and Alan Greiner, chief medical officer for the county health department, expressed their support for Kansas City’s order and said a similar order would be announced in Wyandotte County.

Alvey said such orders are necessary to allow communities to continue to reopen without seeing a spike in coronavirus cases and deaths.

“We want to continue to reopen Wyandotte County. Our best opportunity to continue to relax restrictions is for us to take necessary simple measures like wearing a mask, washing our hands, maintaining social distancing, avoiding large gatherings,” Alvey said. “If we get those simple things we can continue to get back to business.

“If we don’t continue to stop the virus, the virus will stop us.”

The Star’s Allison Kite contributed to this report.
srvy 09:04 PM 06-26-2020
Originally Posted by SFfan79:

Something about masks and no masks.
Pretty good clip on the vaunted N95 mask and its shortfalls. That would get you banned from the very political COVID lounge thread. Hamas would call him a quack Donger would ask a million questions that have nothing to do with the subject to derail that interview.
-King- 09:08 PM 06-26-2020
Originally Posted by Just Passin' By:
You really are this retarded.

Still no links huh?

Hammock Parties 09:12 PM 06-26-2020

People of color are exempt from Oregon county's mandatory mask order

— CBS News (@CBSNews) June 24, 2020

I self identify as a black man, please respect my choices.

Originally Posted by :
An Oregon county has decided to make people of color exempt from its mandatory mask policy, citing the potential for racial profiling. The decision comes as multiple counties in Oregon have ramped up face-covering requirements to slow the spread of coronavirus.

Lincoln County's general directive requires everyone to wear a face-covering in any indoor public setting, or any outdoor setting where six feet of social distancing can't be maintained. But the county wrote on its website that "People of color who have heightened concerns about racial profiling and harassment due to wearing face coverings in public" are exempt from the rule.

Other exemptions include children under the age of 12 and people with particular medical conditions or disabilities.

The directive notes that it's "self-executing," and that no one should "intimidate or harass" those who don't comply.

In Multnomah County to the north, there isn't an exception for people of color — but the county does point out the possibility of racial profiling, according to CBS affiliate KOIN.

"Violence and discrimination are a daily experience for people who are Black, Indigenous and people of color," the county said on its website, according to KOIN. "Racism and racist reactions to Black, indigenous, and people of color wearing face coverings is a reality. And yet we know face coverings can help people stay healthy and save lives. Multnomah County does not tolerate discrimination or violence toward individuals because of their race, ethnicity or identity."

According to census data, Lincoln County is more than 80% white.

Imon Yourside 09:14 PM 06-26-2020
Originally Posted by Hammock Parties:

I self identify as a black man, please respect my choices.
I was gonna post this earlier, smells like racism to me.
RollChiefsRoll 09:37 PM 06-26-2020
Originally Posted by Hammock Parties:
The problem here is that tons of sheep will, though.

And businesses will all cave.

You are going to be asked, and likely required, by any business in KC now, to wear a mask.

So, yeah. People are just going to go into Johnson County. And businesses in KC are going to suffer.

Fortunately Lucas can't mandate you vote for his socialist buddies who gave him this idea. Because he's never the first one to do anything like this, so far.

He's just a sheep taking de facto orders and passing them on down to other smaller sheep.


I hope some cocksucker gives me shit when I'm out jogging.
What a fucking crybaby.
Hammock Parties 09:42 PM 06-26-2020
You're damn right I'll cry about it. Last time I checked, I don't live in a country where mayors can randomly tell me what to wear.
HonestChieffan 09:44 PM 06-26-2020
Originally Posted by Just Passin' By:
People have died from wearing them and doing activities. People have passed out while wearing them, including passing out while wearing one behind the wheel.

But, yeah, equate it to you getting sweaty balls, you moron.
Sounds like fake news.
Halfcan 09:50 PM 06-26-2020
He must have forgotten his mask a few weeks ago when he was cuddling protestors.
KCChiefsFan88 09:51 PM 06-26-2020
Originally Posted by Pasta Giant Meatball:
It is proven to slow the spread, so if you want sports wear a ****ing mask.
Bullshit... Miami-Dade County and LA County have both had mandatory mask requirements since April and it hasn’t done jack shit.
cosmo20002 09:59 PM 06-26-2020
Originally Posted by stevieray:
Thank God I'm working in the Northland for the next two weeks., up on a lift.
Great news! I'm happy for you.:-)
Bugeater 10:07 PM 06-26-2020
Originally Posted by Hammock Parties:

I self identify as a black man, please respect my choices.
This just...fuck...I don't even know what to say. God help us all.
eDave 10:16 PM 06-26-2020
Originally Posted by Hammock Parties:
You're damn right I'll cry about it. Last time I checked, I don't live in a country where mayors can randomly tell me what to wear.

BWillie 10:20 PM 06-26-2020
Originally Posted by srvy:
What certificates do you hold in proper PPE? I have certificates on PPE Hazardous materials job safety confined spaces ladders lifts and safety harness Gases and vaper. These are yearly test we must pass for OSHA the Railroads construction projects to be able to work. Not to mention each construction supers short test before you work on their site. I could take you in a limestone mine where drills are foreign mine face in a grid pattern to stuff nitrogen fertilizer to blast out rock. A mere two hours in your N95 mask and you're will be blowing black snot for a week feeling like a head cold and headache.

Your cute cloth mask or bandana don't mean shit to this virus you have joined the big lie.
Big difference in wearing a N95 mask to prevent the spread of droplets compared to its use in the field. I wore a N95 mask everyday for 7 to 9 hours a day in Vegas last week. 6 days in a row. Not difficult at all. I'm sure if I was in a crawlspace cleaning up sewage or in a coal mine a different story. Nonetheless its not 100% effective. It doesn't have to be. Seat belts aren't 100% effective neither. Neither are airbags. But they sure as shit help, immensely.
BWillie 10:22 PM 06-26-2020
Originally Posted by Just Passin' By:
So your pivot, now that you've been shown to be an idiot, is to try talking about doctors and nurses, and focusing on drive alternatives rather than the reality of what can happen?

What are you babbling about? Seriously. People listening to the fucking radio is more dangerous than ppl wearing masks while driving. I'm sure some idiot has died in a car wreck from wearing a hat. And nowhere did I say you should wear a mask while driving.
cdcox 10:23 PM 06-26-2020
People who don't wear masks in Kansas City don't want Patrick Mahomes to play football during the 2020 regular season. The epidemic is putting the season at risk. Masks are one of the most effective control measures.
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